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I heard that peas in basket would droop over nicely. Cant really do that with drainage since the place I have in mind basically still indoor, or I can hang one right above another container, not sure that would work well. A tin can might do, or a milk jug, if thats the hanging option, then I probably would add beans. Mint and basil might also good options. Itd be next to the window, where unfiltered sunlight still can directly come in.

What else:

  • My right ear and nose were burning, because I took 50 seeds from that long red pepper to save, they hurt. Glad that I hadnt touched my eyes, unfortunately, I had to go to the toilet.
  • Google Consumer Surveys finally got started. Its odd, 1 analyzed, but there are 9 in detailed reports.
  • READYT1k is basically done, might need to clean up that ugly codes. Frame rendering took 5+ minutes (200+70MB)and video took 11 minutes, so it would be 15+ minute for 1080p60 (~35MB).
  • Sound system burped for no reason, had to reboot.
  • Refilled bird feeder, back to serve nuts.

Carrot, never got to plant it from store bought, but that could be I was doing it wrong. Although the carrot top that Ive been caring everyday still going lush green, but I am afraid once I plant it in soil, it soon would rot just like many that I had tried before.

It finally came to me that the reason they all rot is because they were cutting, if I plant they whole, their natural skin is still intact. So, I planted two small carrots, not baby one, just about twice or thrice of my thumb. Not sure if they would have enough energy stored in their root, maybe that doesnt matter much once they can still get from soil. I will see.

Nibbling small carrots, I only did that last year. To me, carrot was always a vegetable that had to be cooked, but not anymore. The taste and sweetness are incredible, and the crunchiness makes eating one more interesting. The thin root in the end and little top can also be eaten without no effort at all.

Another comment on my Tk/Ttk progress bar example and I finally have enough of it, a big white-on-red text should be another to tell them, well, thats Id hope. But, we ended up exchanging more than 10 comments, not bad conversations.

What else?

  • Drying a 15cm long red pepper, its nearly uniformly round lengthwise about 2cm in diameter. Not sure if its Romero pepper or Serrano pepper, but this one really has smooth skin.
  • While I was eating a wax apple (Syzygium samarangense, also known as was jambu), I saw a big seed inside, that I have never seen before, usually they would be tiny dark bits, but this seed seems mature. I am going to plant it.
  • Finally, Google Consumer Surveys Website Satisfaction is showing responses, but only one analyzed and still 0 for normal one.
  • My #1000 READYT project is about half done, need to finish the opening and ending and to work with audio.
  • Bird feeder definitely is working because there was nothing left in the bottle this afternoon.

This morning, I spot three nuts were scattered outside off the feeder and that could only mean some birds were at the feeder, and hopefully, they did get a good feast. Nothing in customer feedback box, but I did hear some noise from birds in the last few days, and Ive seen a bird standing next to the bottle twice, although Ive not seen any heads in the feeder.

One pepper plant has a flower bud, its not going to even flower, I could just pinch it, but I left it alone. Two other pepper plants look bushy, but they are probably just 10cm tall. I am thinking about topping tomato plants, dont know if that would work the same as pepper plants since tomato already loves to send out suckers.

Tomato is perennial in native habitat, which would be like in Central and South America, and they are here. Two plants survive and still flowering and fruiting. I better not top them since I only know two are indeterminate, the rest of seedlings, not sure what they are, besides they are still too small to have anything to be cut.

What else:

  • The dill was wilting, that probably wouldnt work.
  • Laptop fan is getting oddly loud with same setting, could be RIP soon.
  • Raining all day, and foggy window, this Saturday could be below 10C again.

This morning I created an issue as title on a project called hawaii-terminal, thats kind of trolling, havent got any responses yet. By that, I meant getting closed without any comments.

Sadly, its the end of my grow light, the tomato was dead, the stem dried out. I sowed six green beans in it as seedling bottle and placed it outdoor. For some reason, I couldnt germinate green beans. Hopefully, they would come up.

As of the grafts, the tomato on basil seems fine, still alive that is; basil on mint is sorry-looking dead. Tomorrow, I will try again to graft onto a more thicker stem.

I saved some dill, one green and three roots, they are either purely green or root parts, not sure if the green will regrow root or roots shoot out greens. I have to say no.

Two compost container, one is mostly done, another might be half way. I will bag the finished part tomorrow. I noticed two cabbage ends grow new white stalks, I snipped them off, but I am thinking to regrow cabbage ends. I might also pot that poor orchid sitting in compost.

What else?

  • Reported another GitHub spam account.
  • Sowed five grape seeds.
  • One of two left basil flower heads after pruning has snapped, which was flowering white flowers, too bad.
  • Trying to write a script to download all my YouTube videos thumbnails, for big #1000. Currently, the number of videos is 857 (142 videos are not part of READYT), 73MB thumbnails, I am too early.
  • Thinking about drying a section of corncob. I had dried a sweetcorn cob before, but I was hoping they would pop, they didnt, of course. I wonder if I can save cron seeds this way.

The tomato under grow light was flopping, I dont think its dying, just it wasnt rooted well and I gave it give some water a couple of days ago, didnt realize that it plopped down. The stem is still rigid, all is good, I hope.

The Google Consumer Surveys responses were still showing zeros this morning, maybe the update interval is relatively long, but it should be in real-time.

Finally, I figured out how to properly install Perl modules, or so may I think.

Those unripened tomatoes really take their sweet time to turn, only a few are in orange, some in yellow, half of them still is in green. But I am confident that they will all turn red this summer.

Two small bags of mushroom needed bigger rooms, but one of them had developed green mold, itd have to go to compost after its dry. The other one was fairly covering the cardboard in white stuff and has been upgraded, bigger bag and more shredded cardboard.

Last week, 2016-01-22, I installed the Google Consumer Surveys, still no responses today, so I finally took a look. I misread the instruction and placed a piece of code for embedding script at wrong place resulting function not found, but it didnt matter, after I correct it, its a 404. I am not from those countries where you will see the surveys, so I didnt try to confirm the installation since I legitimately cant do so. I might remove all this hassle.

Since 404 wasnt the fault on my part, I contacted GCS and got a reply that pointed out that I had survey and Website Satisfaction codes put together in the same page. I fixed it, but six hours later, still seeing no responses analyzed, so I sent a reply and got a screenshot showing its working. The report page must not be updated frequently.

The weather forecasts next 5 out of 7 days would be rainy days and 78%+ humidity. The fortunate two days are cloudy days. It would be wet and humid in the following days.

This morning after making a coffee and nuts cake, I went on to graft for second round. Yesterdays graft did fail, both basil and tomato wilted lifelessly. I chose the rootstocks and started with mint onto basil, which took me forever to graft. They were so tiny if using cleft graft, 2mm at most, the stock just could hold the scion tight while I was wrapping the plastic. When its basil onto mint, I decided to do wipe-tongue graft, although I kind of did it wrong by not cutting a slope.

As for that cake, which turned out more like brownie and slightly oily to handle, but it tasted good, I could smell nuts. While making the cake, I accidentally burned my finger by grasping onto a hot butter knife, which was drying while oven preheating up. The cake contains coffee, which I quit drinking last year, guess I found a loophole, I just hope it wont keep me awake.

I finally made the bird feeder and house, the feeder is made of small plastic bottle with peanut, cashew, almond, Brazils nut, and a few others; the house is made of jug of laundry wash liquid. Everything is in place, just need inhabitants and patrons.

What else:

  • The carrot top has one ~2cm root, finally.
  • While I was paying NHI, I forgot my phone number, I knew the digits, just couldnt figure out the order of them. I had to check my Google account to find out my own number.
  • I also resowing seeds, but I wasnt resowing what were sowed, I decided to replace most with others, sugar snow pea, squash, pumpkin, aubergine, cantaloupe, small bell pepper, and luffa.
  • While checking the seeds in handmade seed envelopes, I realized that I could reverse the envelop and even cross the written text. One envelop can be used for four times at least.
  • That purple dick seed pod is funny, I put a few last seed pods in an envelope to dry, and they pop now and then, making quite loud pop noise, too bad they were not popcorn.

This morning, when I just got out to balcony, two birds landed on railing. I dont know what species they were, but they have white patch behind their heads, smaller than pigeons. They looked like a pair, because one landed right after another, then leaving in the same fashion after I tried to peep at one was sitting in the pot. Seeing them makes me want to build a bird house more.

I grafted one tomato sucker and one basil stem onto the pick flower trees branch. Not sure if that would work, especially the branch was cut two days ago and I never did grafting before. Using the cleft graft, I cut the branch to split, than shaved the two scions, stuck them into branch side by side. Wrapped with a plastic strip. I took the chance also heavily pruned the basil, even the flower heads. I stuck some with flower and good looking stem into the jar, sharing water with sweet potato and tomato cutting. Some branches will be used for bird house.

Later, I actually read some about grafting, it has to be at least in the same family to have very remote chance. Those scions wont be uniting with the stock. Well, its a chance to see how its going to fail, still can learn something from this. So I just need to find other subjects that I have grown, mint and basil, pepper/tomato, or bean/pea. Wish I had known, or I could try grafting right after they were pruned, now only a few stalks left, not much of choices.

The purple dick is finally done, but I kept a piece in the container, just a base of stalk with some roots. Those stems, some are woody, they might be a good material for bird house.

A jug of laundry wash liquid caught my eyes, it got the door and floor and root and walls. The only thing I need to do is to make ventilation, but it smells fragrance, not sure if that would be okay.

What else:

  • Planted germinated runner beans, the only thing germinated from the seed trays.
  • Contributed to PyClock for center display and some minor improvements.

I reported two spam accounts on GitHub, one is selling love spell via phone, sounds ridiculous, but its true and I actually had just reported another one just a few days ago. The other account is selling skin care product, which has seemingly computer generated text with product name and a link embedded in the text and that totally make no senses as you read the words. Curiously, if its for avoiding lower ranking in search engine results or GitHub actually has some sort of detection mechanism in place already that we dont know.

What else today:

  • The grow light doesnt seem to work, or its because the soil was dry, I just realized that, the surface felt really dry. I also swapped one LED with a red LED. I am considering to stop since the temperature is going back up.
  • Planted another onion bottom, which would be solely for greens.
  • The pruned green yardlong bean has died, the stem is soft. It might already dead, I just didnt realize.
  • One tomato truss was damaged by the cold, which is already flowering, I cut it off and stuck it with sweet potato to root. The two seedlings I thought might not survive have perked themselves up.
  • The preparation for potato growing is slow, barely half of the bag of shredded cardboard.

Its really cold, my laptop booted up to just 25C, took a while to climbing up. Everything is touching cold, the water cup, the bed, the chair, the keyboard, the mouse, the everything. I even wore a knit cap, which made my forehead itchy, but it kept me warm. And I wanted to go toilet so often, not just urinating to be honest.

I stuck a few toothpicks into a long and thin sweet potato and placed in a jar of water. The only problem I got was I couldnt tell which end was the pointy and round side. If the greens come out downwards, Id just flip it upside down.

Ive been trying to find out if you can plant potato slip like sweet potatos, but a search never worked out. They are from same order, Solanales, but different families, potato is from Solanaceae also known as nightshades while sweet potato from Convolvulaceae, commonly known as bindweed or morning glory. That doesnt mean potato slip cant or can, but I just cant find a definitive answer because poor design of top 1 search engine. Anyway, I will stick a few into water and see if they rot.

Pruned pink flower tree, so no branches rubbing each other, I planted to use those branches to build a bird house. After pruning, I stuck in the solitary bee house I just finished. Not sure if any solitary bees would move in, definitely not immediately, its still cold and there isnt anything to attract them.

Its so cold all tomatoes lower leaves wilted, two seedlings probably wouldnt survive.

What else today:

  • 2 of 3 tray were dried after about 14-15 hours, probably refilling twice a day will work, but I did see a bit of soil drying.
  • Spreading moss.
  • Saved small bell pepper seeds.
  • Decided not to do that compost bag idea, need more than one set.
  • Wash bed sheet, pillow case, blanket, and door rug.

This morning, the lowest temperature of the year, 4C, its like a big refrigerator outside. My laptop temperature going down to just 35C with the lowest fan setting, 43C without fan.

The carrot top seems to grow even greener and busher in this inhuman weather, three weeks later, not sure when I can plant it, who knows, maybe it will just flower like that, but I doubt thats possible. However, around 9, 2 out of 22 stem flopping down, so I moved it in and placed on top of drying box. At 12pm, they all were back up.

Starting to roll bee house tubes, my thumbs are really tiring after making 37 of 17-21cm long tubes. I dont know which side should be the inside, one yellowish smooth, the other gray slightly rough. I think the rough side would be better, but Id go half-half. One pencil to roll with, one tape in middle. I dont want to use staple at one end as the instruction said, but I might have to find a way to close it up, or I could just see if they work without anything more, since I am using a small cardboard box to house these tubes.

Thinking about growing sweet potato, or just watching it rooting in water with tooth picks sticking into it. Already chitting three potatoes, why not sweet potato? I can plant just a few of slips, and keep growing for leaves to cook, even stick into a pot just for more leaves, just an idea, how it wont try to grow more sweet potatoes in small pot.

On the 7th of using my drying box, I finally realized that I could just pour water to seed trays saucer. I sprayed four or more times to keep seed tray moist, but still I could see edges dried out.

What else?

  • Moved that single purple dick plant to my window sill pot along with marsh pennywort, moss, fern, and one succulent plant, all in on pot with existing golden pothos and self-seeded celery.
  • Burying a Chinese cabbage bottom in soil, it might regrow. Also trying leaf propagating succulent and golden pothos, but I dont think that would work since I put the outside in cold. By the way, that tomato cutting is pretty dead to me, the only left leave is wilting.

First single digit in 2016, freezing cold. Todays weather forecast looked like riding a sleigh, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 (Sunday), 5, 4.

I added Google Consumer Surveys to this blog, but I was not so sure about it since its not what I thought. Its for website to content hidden until visitor finishes the survey. I dont really want my visitors having to answer those questions. I have already signed up, I will try for a while. Also added Website Satisfaction which comes with the surveys, I dont know how it actually shows to visitors, I have a feeling its a overlay popup, which I really hate.

Last night, lying in bed, I was thinking of the potato that has been chitted and the annoying flies around compost, although the flies are minimal.

The potato eyes are just about to sprout and I may have to plant it soon, but I have no place for it and nothing to grow in. No ground, so container is only choice, it has to be small and probably goes up by stacking up. I am considering thick shopping back and using bottom-less cardboard as confinements, stacking up by tapping another bottom-less bag with tapes. I dont know if it will leak, which will be disaster. Also thinking double bagged the starting, the outer one is for the excess water.

As for whats for growing in, I am preparing shredded cardboard, and anything possible to grow in. Ive watched a video that showing a pepper plant growing in carpet, actually, it was directly sowed on it and they used soda cans as mulch.

I dont how big those potatoes would grow, I want to put all three in one, instead of making three bags. This idea could end very badly, either leaking or potato dies.

The compost, I am also thinking about using bag to compost with two rings or cylinders, one is bigger. The opening of bag wraps from inside outwards around the smaller ring, then a cloth covering the opening and bigger ring clamps onto smaller ring to secure the whole things. You have an opening that allows air to flow, and you can easy to add more to the compost.

What else today?

  • the green tomatoes starting to turn red in brown paper bag.
  • weather forecast revised again, Sunday 5-3C.
  • watched a video about solitary bees, which I have known of, but I might try to make one bee house out of cardboard next week, I already have 47 sheets ready to roll into tubes. Maybe a bird house as well? Not to bees, of course.

Still nothing from the seed tray, so I resowed more. Maybe it was too cold, I might get a big bunch of sprouting since the tray is now on the drying box to keep warm, just have to remember to spray, or they will really dry out.

I have been caring for a carrot top for almost three weeks, water changed every morning. Its lush thick green, so many stems from that top and tiny little leaves. They are not tall, just about 10cm, and I havent seen any roots.

Yesterdays accidental tomato cutting is wilting from top two leaves, so I topped it off, maybe it just wouldnt work in the soil directly without rooting in water first. I also topped a pepper plant, which had a tiny fruit for a month or longer, it turned into a disgusting yellowish color, no good, just cut it off and prompt more growth.

The weather forecast is getting more extreme, this Sunday would 6-3C, a few more degrees colder, we might have snow.

This afternoon, I watched a YouTube recommendation video about a produce review called Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit (59.95), a growing kit with builtin growing light, basically you just assemble it, plug in, and fill up the water reservoir, then that 21st gadget will take care of those plants. Its designed for people who dont have the knowledge or the time.

Frankly, this is worse than people put a plastic plant on office desk, in fact, I would prefer people have a fake plastic plants than buying a product like this. Lack of knowledge or time is simply an excuse, the time you go to the website and process your order is more than enough to read one or two article about growing any plants which you want to order with that kit. You can buy a good-looking plant from big stores or garden centers these days, if you still not to sure how to start from seeds.

Its a journey of growing a plant, people buy this kind of product, sooner or later would either sell it or just put it in storage room, because there is no true joy in growing this way. I dont even know if you can call it growing. Nothing is learned and experienced, because nothing you do is growing except filling in water. You dont prepare soil, sow seeds, care it, water it, check up on it, re-pot it, and so on.

Last night after going to bed, I made a decision to move all pots back out to the external window sill in the back. Ive noticed the tomato plants growing nicely and sturdy comparing to the indoors, which barely to grow true leaves. Also, bean plants are thin and leggy.

Its time to change and let nature take its course. Last summer, the typhoon one after another, one particular tomato plant caught my attention which has been struck twice. First time, it lost many branches which was flower; second time, the main stalk was just barely alive, which lasted for a while until it slowly died back.

I thought that was the end of that plant, then I saw a new green growth for about 30cm, which shot out just about 5cm above the soil level from the dying stem, it was when I knew they could take care of themselves and its still growing in this cold January.

All pots and containers are out and I have transplanted the celery bottom with other celery plants, onion bottom into three pots since that onion bottom gives me three new plants. Also four snow peas and one azuki bean, plus one garlic. In addition, I planted another garlic and two shallots.

Unfortunately, I have to declare losses on the pepper toppings, nothing rooted. I used the bottle to plant a golden pothos for the entrance of my room.

What else did I do today?

  • Cardboards, I upgraded the cats bed, its cozy and dim; also built a cell for catching heat exhaust of dehumidifier.
  • I wiped some windows, probably need to go over again with dry towel.
  • Forked nInvaders to fix a critical bug that had existed for more than a decade, that means those who has played it never questioned why its so difficult to win, dont think its even possibly to pass first level.

According to forecast, this Saturday, it will be single digit, 12-6C; and for Sunday 7-5C. Its gonna be freezing cold this weekend.

I made a light with 4 blue LEDs, now testing on a tomato seedling, I would see if it work in a week or two. The seeds I sowed in seed tray, nothing came up. However, 4 snow peas came up which I sowed in cup, and sugar snap is getting lengthy, no enough of sun light. Onion bottom is growing a bit more, so is celery bottom.

Its not going to work indoors behind those windows, Ill be moving them out tomorrow even the single digit temperature is coming in a few days. Ill let the nature decide their fate. From now on, I will still sow seeds indoor, because this way, I can know what Ive sowed more clearer. Once they have germinated, I transplant. Cold seems fine, but lack of sunlight is not.

An open source project led me to read Go on Wikipedia, which mentioned there already is one under the same name except, it has an additional !, that is Go!

The creator of the language asked Google to change their programming languages name, because he feared the big guy will end up steam-rollering over and I think he was right, because nobody had heard of it and even its Wikipedia page was created after Googles Go page.

The issue was marked as Unfortunate and with a comment: there are many computing products and services named Go. In the 11 months since our release, there has been minimal confusion of the two languages. I have never heard of any named Go until Googles Go.

Of course its minimal, because no one else would ever know about Go!. When you search Go! programming language in Google Search, you get no Go! in first three pages and probably never would see any.

Dont be evil and Do the right thing are just slogan and motto sound nice, dont believe anything corporations say and do which you read on media, its all the publicity, nothing more and nothing less. They are created for one thing: profit.

Ive been thinking about grow light and aquaponics, not about doing those, but why people use them to grow. I began to realize its not just about the light, the fish, or the science and technology. It might have nothing with those, only you want to see things still growing in the winter time, because without those plants, there seems to be something missing in your life.

More than ten years ago, I bought a bag of blue light LED and from what I read, its for growth red for flowering there must be around 50 LEDs. Ill be trying on a tomato plant to see if it works with just a few, it that works, I might add more LEDs for more plants.

Also, a fish and a pump, which might just air pump. I am thinking I could use styrofoam to attach a plant, so it can float on water, then put the pump pipe right below the roots, so the roots can have oxygen. Not sure if this will work, because every aquaponics seems to have a grow bed.

Ever since I turned back on Google search history, I probably visit at least once a day to delete keyword with typos. Some people delete embarrassing searches, I delete typos. Its not always as if I dont know how to spell, sometimes, my fat fingers get in the way, or interfered with Pentadactyl commands.