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Ive been thinking about grow light and aquaponics, not about doing those, but why people use them to grow. I began to realize its not just about the light, the fish, or the science and technology. It might have nothing with those, only you want to see things still growing in the winter time, because without those plants, there seems to be something missing in your life.

More than ten years ago, I bought a bag of blue light LED and from what I read, its for growth red for flowering there must be around 50 LEDs. Ill be trying on a tomato plant to see if it works with just a few, it that works, I might add more LEDs for more plants.

Also, a fish and a pump, which might just air pump. I am thinking I could use styrofoam to attach a plant, so it can float on water, then put the pump pipe right below the roots, so the roots can have oxygen. Not sure if this will work, because every aquaponics seems to have a grow bed.

Ever since I turned back on Google search history, I probably visit at least once a day to delete keyword with typos. Some people delete embarrassing searches, I delete typos. Its not always as if I dont know how to spell, sometimes, my fat fingers get in the way, or interfered with Pentadactyl commands.

More than two years ago, I posted Finding large emails in Gmail using Python IMAP with XOAuth, which was really not an easy way if you don't know how to run a Python script.

Now, Gmail finally supports new operators for such task:

size: Search for messages larger than the specified size in bytes Example: size:1000000
Meaning: All messages larger than 1MB (1,000,000 bytes) in size.
Similar to size: but allows abbreviations for numbers Example: larger:10M
Meaning: All messages of at least 10M bytes (10,000,000 bytes) in size.

And this is my test:

It also supports date ranges, no need to browse through pages for old emails anymore. It's fast, only took than more than two years to develop.


The site is dead and some links have been removed. (2015-12-14T06:43:25Z)

Yesterday, I was looking into an old stuff I created using Google App Engine, which was evolved from a Bash script back in December, 2009. Here is a screenshot:

Yes, I shamelessly Google/Yahoo/Bing my username and yes, I unblushingly made a record for the number of search results with a chart. (Cough, two charts and I have this.)

When I opened that page, I noticed the records stopped on October 3, 2011. At first, I thought it might be the result fetching limit in my program, so I went to update the code, but I realized it was not like that.

Something went wrong when I saw a huge amount of unsuccessful tasks in task queue. Retry counts were around thousands. I looked into the logs and found out the problem was with Yahoo Search BOSS API. The domain of v1 API is gone.

So, I googled and found this announcement for v2 API, v1 was scheduled to be shut down on July 20, 2011, but it lasted until August 27. But then on September 20, it was back and lasted until October 3, then it is gone for sure since then.

Because my program requires three API returns successfully before it writes data into datastore. I should check tasks retry count, it is too high, then drop it and send me an email. But I didnt code it in that way, because I didnt think there is a chance of having the thousands of retries until yesterday. I lost about 6 months of data from Google and Bing. Will I add the email notification for something like this? Nah.

Yahoo Search BOSS v1 is not only one gone, soon Google Web Search API will be shut down around 2013. It was declared as deprecated before Yahoos, but it has longer transition time for developers, which is 3 years.

I think they both move to paid version of API, v2 and Custom Search. I dont use API for making money, so when they are gone, my program stops updating.

After posted about how to retrieve labels, I was too bored and by unknown miracle, I decided to write this Labels page. Shamelessly to say, I am very happy for I have done.


This labels page has been updated to a more comprehensive search page. (2015-07-06T07:12:04Z)


I am no longer labeling my posts, in fact, I actually remove labels whenever I update an old post. (2015-07-06T07:12:09Z)

If you want to have same page, here is how you can make one:

  1. Get the code from source of Labels page. You need to copy from <!-- BEGIN: whole code --> to <!-- END: whole code -->.
  2. You need to modify <!-- BEGIN: settings -->, read the comments and do what they say.
  3. Create a new page and post the code you have modified.
  4. If you need to update the code, check Last updated, if its different, then paste the new code. Normally, you only need to update main code. You might want to make some changes to style or HTML.

I had been using the followings as my homepage link on websites' profile pages:
Using blogs as homepage definitely is not for me since I moved quite a lot and I learned using own domains is still not wise since you might not continue to own that domain.

When I heard of, I thought that would be a perfect place, but I don't like the how it looks. So I started to use Twitter for a very short period, then changed to FriendFeed. Using FriendFeed is not a bad idea since they can see your feeds, knowing what you are doing at first glance but it doesn't look like a personal homepage.

I changed to Google Site, made a frontpage with banners of my blogs. That looked okay. Then, I thought Google Profile might be a better solution since it's Google.

However, after all these changes, I was very tired of keeping updating those links on every website.

At some point, the magic happened. I concluded that the best personal homepage is Google Search. It contains almost everything about you. Therefore, I started to use for directing people to Google Search because it added some effects, besides if I let people go to the results directly, they might not understand.

I have thought to use as my homepage or something like after I bought that domain, but I wasn't really sure it would last forever.

I decided to stay with But, when I was updating my StackOverflow ten or twenty minutes ago, it doesn't accept in link.

So, I decided to go to and hoped I could create a I couldn't, it doesn't allow you creating a customized link. I went back to


It's very clear that you know where this link would lead you to, right?

In case you wonder why I didn't just customize it as GoogleLivibetter, because that's a username or screen name, it's not supposed to be capitalized and please don't do that.

This is another not so useful script of mine. It is a Bash script and it gathers the search results counts via Google/Yahoo/Bing APIs to make an historical chart of specified keyword using the Annotated Timeline (with no annotations, :-))of Google Visualization API.

I made this script,, because I wanted to have a historical chart of this keyword livibetter. Yep, I searched my nickname regularly, I admit it! I like watching the number of result climbing up, which would make me feel better. :-D

I wasn't planning of using Yahoo and Bing because their APIs require AppIDs, the IDs will be out to apparently public if I use Bash to write this. I don't like it, but I couldn't resist to see the result counts from them.

Because it is still new, I could not have much data to show you. The following chart was collected about two weeks. (Bing results was not included)

The following is the screenshot of rendered HTML page:

I googled myself and made a chart. on Twitpic

Please aware of few things if you want to use this script:
  • You can use cron to run it regularly, several times a day. Don't worry, it will only update the data file once a day.
  • It will only update when three counts from three search engine are available. If any of them couldn't return the result, you may have a missing data. But it should be okay, the counts do not change much from day to day.