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This morning after making a coffee and nuts cake, I went on to graft for second round. Yesterdays graft did fail, both basil and tomato wilted lifelessly. I chose the rootstocks and started with mint onto basil, which took me forever to graft. They were so tiny if using cleft graft, 2mm at most, the stock just could hold the scion tight while I was wrapping the plastic. When its basil onto mint, I decided to do wipe-tongue graft, although I kind of did it wrong by not cutting a slope.

As for that cake, which turned out more like brownie and slightly oily to handle, but it tasted good, I could smell nuts. While making the cake, I accidentally burned my finger by grasping onto a hot butter knife, which was drying while oven preheating up. The cake contains coffee, which I quit drinking last year, guess I found a loophole, I just hope it wont keep me awake.

I finally made the bird feeder and house, the feeder is made of small plastic bottle with peanut, cashew, almond, Brazils nut, and a few others; the house is made of jug of laundry wash liquid. Everything is in place, just need inhabitants and patrons.

What else:

  • The carrot top has one ~2cm root, finally.
  • While I was paying NHI, I forgot my phone number, I knew the digits, just couldnt figure out the order of them. I had to check my Google account to find out my own number.
  • I also resowing seeds, but I wasnt resowing what were sowed, I decided to replace most with others, sugar snow pea, squash, pumpkin, aubergine, cantaloupe, small bell pepper, and luffa.
  • While checking the seeds in handmade seed envelopes, I realized that I could reverse the envelop and even cross the written text. One envelop can be used for four times at least.
  • That purple dick seed pod is funny, I put a few last seed pods in an envelope to dry, and they pop now and then, making quite loud pop noise, too bad they were not popcorn.

This morning, when I just got out to balcony, two birds landed on railing. I dont know what species they were, but they have white patch behind their heads, smaller than pigeons. They looked like a pair, because one landed right after another, then leaving in the same fashion after I tried to peep at one was sitting in the pot. Seeing them makes me want to build a bird house more.

I grafted one tomato sucker and one basil stem onto the pick flower trees branch. Not sure if that would work, especially the branch was cut two days ago and I never did grafting before. Using the cleft graft, I cut the branch to split, than shaved the two scions, stuck them into branch side by side. Wrapped with a plastic strip. I took the chance also heavily pruned the basil, even the flower heads. I stuck some with flower and good looking stem into the jar, sharing water with sweet potato and tomato cutting. Some branches will be used for bird house.

Later, I actually read some about grafting, it has to be at least in the same family to have very remote chance. Those scions wont be uniting with the stock. Well, its a chance to see how its going to fail, still can learn something from this. So I just need to find other subjects that I have grown, mint and basil, pepper/tomato, or bean/pea. Wish I had known, or I could try grafting right after they were pruned, now only a few stalks left, not much of choices.

The purple dick is finally done, but I kept a piece in the container, just a base of stalk with some roots. Those stems, some are woody, they might be a good material for bird house.

A jug of laundry wash liquid caught my eyes, it got the door and floor and root and walls. The only thing I need to do is to make ventilation, but it smells fragrance, not sure if that would be okay.

What else:

  • Planted germinated runner beans, the only thing germinated from the seed trays.
  • Contributed to PyClock for center display and some minor improvements.