Ive been thinking about grow light and aquaponics, not about doing those, but why people use them to grow. I began to realize its not just about the light, the fish, or the science and technology. It might have nothing with those, only you want to see things still growing in the winter time, because without those plants, there seems to be something missing in your life.

More than ten years ago, I bought a bag of blue light LED and from what I read, its for growth red for flowering there must be around 50 LEDs. Ill be trying on a tomato plant to see if it works with just a few, it that works, I might add more LEDs for more plants.

Also, a fish and a pump, which might just air pump. I am thinking I could use styrofoam to attach a plant, so it can float on water, then put the pump pipe right below the roots, so the roots can have oxygen. Not sure if this will work, because every aquaponics seems to have a grow bed.

Ever since I turned back on Google search history, I probably visit at least once a day to delete keyword with typos. Some people delete embarrassing searches, I delete typos. Its not always as if I dont know how to spell, sometimes, my fat fingers get in the way, or interfered with Pentadactyl commands.