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This morning I created an issue as title on a project called hawaii-terminal, thats kind of trolling, havent got any responses yet. By that, I meant getting closed without any comments.

Sadly, its the end of my grow light, the tomato was dead, the stem dried out. I sowed six green beans in it as seedling bottle and placed it outdoor. For some reason, I couldnt germinate green beans. Hopefully, they would come up.

As of the grafts, the tomato on basil seems fine, still alive that is; basil on mint is sorry-looking dead. Tomorrow, I will try again to graft onto a more thicker stem.

I saved some dill, one green and three roots, they are either purely green or root parts, not sure if the green will regrow root or roots shoot out greens. I have to say no.

Two compost container, one is mostly done, another might be half way. I will bag the finished part tomorrow. I noticed two cabbage ends grow new white stalks, I snipped them off, but I am thinking to regrow cabbage ends. I might also pot that poor orchid sitting in compost.

What else?

  • Reported another GitHub spam account.
  • Sowed five grape seeds.
  • One of two left basil flower heads after pruning has snapped, which was flowering white flowers, too bad.
  • Trying to write a script to download all my YouTube videos thumbnails, for big #1000. Currently, the number of videos is 857 (142 videos are not part of READYT), 73MB thumbnails, I am too early.
  • Thinking about drying a section of corncob. I had dried a sweetcorn cob before, but I was hoping they would pop, they didnt, of course. I wonder if I can save cron seeds this way.

Last month, I was so excited and about to pop a corn cob into microwave after I saw some videos about popcorn on the cob a while before. But after I searched for approximate cooking time, I realized that it needs to be a dried cob. So, I hung the cob in the air to air-dry it.

17 days later, today, an hour or two ago, I put one of these into microwave, the dried one, of course:

A minute in the microwave, nothing had happened, and I began to worry that the corn was, well, too dry. As we know microwave heats the water content, I had a feeling this is not gonna end well.

Then, I started to hear pop, pop, pop. I thought maybe I would have popcorn on the corn after all, only I felt the popping sound was little different, quite low in the volume.

A while later, it smelled burnt. I stopped the timer. This was what it looked like:

Burnt, but it tasted like popcorn in a way and not really bad at all for those not burnt ones. At the moment, I was sure it's really too dry and I remembered the photos of dried cobs I saw. Those kernels looked dried but still plump like the fresh corn in the first photo, only in dark brown color. Maybe the variety is also important.

Although, this didn't give me popped popcorn, I still ate every bit of them, including the burnt ones.

The bowl was big, but that corn should be able to fill it if those did pop into white popcorn.  I am not giving up yet, the second corn is being dried. This one, I will keep a close eye on it, so it won't get too dry.