Last night, lying in bed, I was thinking of the potato that has been chitted and the annoying flies around compost, although the flies are minimal.

The potato eyes are just about to sprout and I may have to plant it soon, but I have no place for it and nothing to grow in. No ground, so container is only choice, it has to be small and probably goes up by stacking up. I am considering thick shopping back and using bottom-less cardboard as confinements, stacking up by tapping another bottom-less bag with tapes. I dont know if it will leak, which will be disaster. Also thinking double bagged the starting, the outer one is for the excess water.

As for whats for growing in, I am preparing shredded cardboard, and anything possible to grow in. Ive watched a video that showing a pepper plant growing in carpet, actually, it was directly sowed on it and they used soda cans as mulch.

I dont how big those potatoes would grow, I want to put all three in one, instead of making three bags. This idea could end very badly, either leaking or potato dies.

The compost, I am also thinking about using bag to compost with two rings or cylinders, one is bigger. The opening of bag wraps from inside outwards around the smaller ring, then a cloth covering the opening and bigger ring clamps onto smaller ring to secure the whole things. You have an opening that allows air to flow, and you can easy to add more to the compost.

What else today?

  • the green tomatoes starting to turn red in brown paper bag.
  • weather forecast revised again, Sunday 5-3C.
  • watched a video about solitary bees, which I have known of, but I might try to make one bee house out of cardboard next week, I already have 47 sheets ready to roll into tubes. Maybe a bird house as well? Not to bees, of course.