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This morning, I spot three nuts were scattered outside off the feeder and that could only mean some birds were at the feeder, and hopefully, they did get a good feast. Nothing in customer feedback box, but I did hear some noise from birds in the last few days, and Ive seen a bird standing next to the bottle twice, although Ive not seen any heads in the feeder.

One pepper plant has a flower bud, its not going to even flower, I could just pinch it, but I left it alone. Two other pepper plants look bushy, but they are probably just 10cm tall. I am thinking about topping tomato plants, dont know if that would work the same as pepper plants since tomato already loves to send out suckers.

Tomato is perennial in native habitat, which would be like in Central and South America, and they are here. Two plants survive and still flowering and fruiting. I better not top them since I only know two are indeterminate, the rest of seedlings, not sure what they are, besides they are still too small to have anything to be cut.

What else:

  • The dill was wilting, that probably wouldnt work.
  • Laptop fan is getting oddly loud with same setting, could be RIP soon.
  • Raining all day, and foggy window, this Saturday could be below 10C again.

It seems plants have taken my mind quite a lot of time, especially when I lie in bed and think back of the day. I will try to plan what I can do tomorrow or next week.

This morning, I noticed the pepper cutting seems to root in water, actually its a topping. Two weeks ago, I decided to top the pepper plants, they did produce some flower buds, but virtually all fell off, the weather wasnt on my side. Since they were not pruned, it might not be a bad idea to do so, although I prefer to let them take their course.

Three tops were cut, I pulled off the bottom leaves, then planted them into a pot with growing medium, but didnt seem to work, only one still has new growth. So, I took the other two out and plunged them into a water bottle three days ago. I saw a few translucent strings from one cutting, they might be roots, but I am not completely sure.

Today, the celery finally sprouted after ten days, brown seed with white little tail. Its fascinating that a celery could grow from that tiny seed, but these wont get the chance to be a big tall celery stalks, because I am going to eat them young and raw. (sounds creepy)