Last week, 2016-01-22, I installed the Google Consumer Surveys, still no responses today, so I finally took a look. I misread the instruction and placed a piece of code for embedding script at wrong place resulting function not found, but it didnt matter, after I correct it, its a 404. I am not from those countries where you will see the surveys, so I didnt try to confirm the installation since I legitimately cant do so. I might remove all this hassle.

Since 404 wasnt the fault on my part, I contacted GCS and got a reply that pointed out that I had survey and Website Satisfaction codes put together in the same page. I fixed it, but six hours later, still seeing no responses analyzed, so I sent a reply and got a screenshot showing its working. The report page must not be updated frequently.

The weather forecasts next 5 out of 7 days would be rainy days and 78%+ humidity. The fortunate two days are cloudy days. It would be wet and humid in the following days.