This morning, when I just got out to balcony, two birds landed on railing. I dont know what species they were, but they have white patch behind their heads, smaller than pigeons. They looked like a pair, because one landed right after another, then leaving in the same fashion after I tried to peep at one was sitting in the pot. Seeing them makes me want to build a bird house more.

I grafted one tomato sucker and one basil stem onto the pick flower trees branch. Not sure if that would work, especially the branch was cut two days ago and I never did grafting before. Using the cleft graft, I cut the branch to split, than shaved the two scions, stuck them into branch side by side. Wrapped with a plastic strip. I took the chance also heavily pruned the basil, even the flower heads. I stuck some with flower and good looking stem into the jar, sharing water with sweet potato and tomato cutting. Some branches will be used for bird house.

Later, I actually read some about grafting, it has to be at least in the same family to have very remote chance. Those scions wont be uniting with the stock. Well, its a chance to see how its going to fail, still can learn something from this. So I just need to find other subjects that I have grown, mint and basil, pepper/tomato, or bean/pea. Wish I had known, or I could try grafting right after they were pruned, now only a few stalks left, not much of choices.

The purple dick is finally done, but I kept a piece in the container, just a base of stalk with some roots. Those stems, some are woody, they might be a good material for bird house.

A jug of laundry wash liquid caught my eyes, it got the door and floor and root and walls. The only thing I need to do is to make ventilation, but it smells fragrance, not sure if that would be okay.

What else:

  • Planted germinated runner beans, the only thing germinated from the seed trays.
  • Contributed to PyClock for center display and some minor improvements.