An open source project led me to read Go on Wikipedia, which mentioned there already is one under the same name except, it has an additional !, that is Go!

The creator of the language asked Google to change their programming languages name, because he feared the big guy will end up steam-rollering over and I think he was right, because nobody had heard of it and even its Wikipedia page was created after Googles Go page.

The issue was marked as Unfortunate and with a comment: there are many computing products and services named Go. In the 11 months since our release, there has been minimal confusion of the two languages. I have never heard of any named Go until Googles Go.

Of course its minimal, because no one else would ever know about Go!. When you search Go! programming language in Google Search, you get no Go! in first three pages and probably never would see any.

Dont be evil and Do the right thing are just slogan and motto sound nice, dont believe anything corporations say and do which you read on media, its all the publicity, nothing more and nothing less. They are created for one thing: profit.