According to forecast, this Saturday, it will be single digit, 12-6C; and for Sunday 7-5C. Its gonna be freezing cold this weekend.

I made a light with 4 blue LEDs, now testing on a tomato seedling, I would see if it work in a week or two. The seeds I sowed in seed tray, nothing came up. However, 4 snow peas came up which I sowed in cup, and sugar snap is getting lengthy, no enough of sun light. Onion bottom is growing a bit more, so is celery bottom.

Its not going to work indoors behind those windows, Ill be moving them out tomorrow even the single digit temperature is coming in a few days. Ill let the nature decide their fate. From now on, I will still sow seeds indoor, because this way, I can know what Ive sowed more clearer. Once they have germinated, I transplant. Cold seems fine, but lack of sunlight is not.