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The snowman is adorable with a not-so-little cane. The focal point, the Christmas Tree, stands right in front of you without any snow, it must be a magical tree. Snowing in the background, and smokes come out of chimney, which looks very creative in that ASCII art.

Originally with the first glance, I wished there was a bit of red here and a bit of green there. However, as I look at it more, it doesnt need any colors, simply monochrome does better. Its white and thats Christmas. is written in Bash under the MIT License, currently git-07076bc (2015-12-25) with music Faith Noel (2004) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I dont know how many of you have watched Star Trek television series, and how many of whom have watched this particular episode, The Inner Light.

The Inner Light from Star Trek The Next Generation on STL Ocarina

I watched this episode many years ago, but I must admit I wasnt actually drawn into it at first, not until Picard or Kamin sitting on the steps and playing this song with his brass Ressikan flute. Its the music got me back to the story, the second time I watched it, I didnt miss any bit. If you never watched it, this ending shall shade some light on what this episode would be for you.

It has no battles, no phases or torpedoes, nothing gets your blood pumping, but its filled with the inner light. Interesting enough, this episode has become one of my favorite of all Star Trek episodes.

Unfortunately, I couldnt find any clips on YouTube, the very close was still frame, so I decided to put a video has only to do with the music. However, if you want to watch a clip, here is one from Lessons, Picards duet with Nella Daren at the fourth intersect in Jefferies tube 25. This episode is also my favorite, guess I like watching some inner struggling and pang.

Once in a while, I would loop a song and keep listening to it over and over again. That's what I am doing and curious what songs I had done with before. I wrote a quick Bash script to use user.getRecentTracks API for listening timeline, here is the script:

You will need to obtain a API key in order to use this script, the script is run with this syntax:
It will retrieve last 1,000 tracks (using 5 API calls) that you have listened to and check consecutive plays of same tracks. Only three or more consecutive plays will be printed out as final results. The following screenshot is a sample output:

Each numbers means how many times the track had been played consecutively including starting play. I use URL to group the result, which serves a unique key and it's okay to be used in final results. Not really hard to read the artist's and track's names from it, although simple process can be used to perfect the output format, but it's not necessary. The first two of same URL are not a glitch of this script, there were some tracks played between them.

The script only retrieve 1,000 tracks, because for every 200 tracks, it's about 140K of XML file. Quite a waste of bandwidth for just the URLs of tracks. Of course, I can pipe through YQL to select <url> elements, but that is a bit overkill for this quick script. Although the API page listed JSON as alternative format, but that only returns empty response. This is not my first time to see JSON format returns empty response, I guess their API documentation is pretty out-of-date or just inaccurate to current status.

Here is a text version of the sample output, in case you wonder what these songs are:

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The following channel The Bedford Live is one of my favorite channel. And today, it is hosting a special event:

21 September is International Day of Peace and Peace In Our Lifetime are holding an annual Global United Party for Peace.

It just began

I want to play Minecraft after I watched this video:

I have known this game Minecraft for some time, but never wanted to play it. I thought it might use too much of my brain.

But now, I want to shoot some arrows in the air and to make tons of TNT and to blow stuff up with those TNT. Not sure how this game plays, but I am sure I can do some damage. :)

(Hmm I dont like this Also, please make sure youre running the Sun JVM)

I watched I Wanna Dance With Somebody performed by Time Machine Band via YuTube Trends blog. At first, I clicked and went to check on something in terminal. 'Nice music,' I thought while reading something.

Spoiler Warning!

A while later, around 1'00", I switched back to browser to watch what's the special of this video, 'Just a band,' I was sure. Then, some extreme dramatic movements caught my eyes, that grandpa is really something to say least. I got that conclusion in just a few seconds of his talent dancing skill. ;)

A moment later, Wow! that grandma is something, too. Is this what they learn at their age? Anyway, They must be a couple after I saw their interaction.

I checked out the 720p to see if they have rings on, I believe so. I wonder how long have they married. Surely, they want to dance with somebody, they must love each other very much.

But, the rings are not the only things I saw. I noticed grandpa combs his hair in the beginning, then when the singer sings "I wanna feel the heat with somebody." The grandma lights up a lighter at precise moment!

They have prepared for this song!

The band is really professional. I would probably only laugh instead of performing. The guitar (on the left, I think) seems to be only one glances at them from time to time.

Well, then I saw this video, they dances with Lady Gaga's Poker Face performed by same band:

Guess what? Grandma takes out cards. This couple is professional as well.

Sweet Jesus

Just made this image.

Matthew 22:37

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (KJV)

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." (NIV)

Disclaimer: I am not a believer.

Note API changed and has required API key, so this wouldnt work with the key, and some links have been removed from this post. (2015-12-14T06:30:48Z)

I have been wondering how I could edit my favorite music section in my Blogger Profile. One good way may be the Last.fms top tracks feed.


Since Google+ integration into Blogger, the classic Blogger profile is no more for mine. (2015-12-14T06:28:13Z)

Its an XML feed (e.g. my overall feed), you need to process it. An easy way is to use XSLT processor, xsltproc, you should be no big deal if you are a Linux user.

Just finished this hours-project. I happened to read this thread and know the FIGlet and TOIlet, hours later, I am showing you MPDisp. I used FIGlet not TOIlet because TOIlet doesn't support center aligning. Here is a screenshot:


You can read and download the code. The only dependency should be FIGlet (do I really need to say you need MPD?). It doesn't rely on (nc)mpc(pp), it contacts MPD directly. All it does is show the song information and give you a little bit of control, see the key list:

  • p - Pause/Resume
  • Enter - Play
  • s - Stop
  • n - Next song
  • p - Previous song
  • r - Repeat mode on/off
  • S - Single mode on/off
  • R - Random mode on/off
  • q - Quit
  • Q - Quit with MPD
I was thinking to use TOIlet, it has a feature called filter, which can render with colors. But it can't align text center. I might try to see what I can do to next.

The only problem I have seen is if you have too small window, text will be messed up, and I am not intended to solve it right now.

I got few suggestions from one of my blog posts. I wasnt really testing them but only some of them.


Some sites are dead and links have been removed. (2015-12-05T01:00:39Z)

  • Grooveshark: I think this one is the best. You can edit your playlist, though that isnt easy to build a playlist with Groovesharks Flash interface in my opinion. The embedded code has only one Flashobject.
  • You can only embed one song only at a time.
  • My Flash Fetish: This seems to have lots of users. It has many different skins. You can decided if you want it autoplay or shuffle the songs. You need to sign up in order to get the code.
  • The Music Hutch
  • Gcast: This one seems to serve podcast shows, but I did see someone use this to play music.

Do you have any more suggestions? leave a comment!