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You can fight like a Krogan, run like a leaopard But youll never be better than Commander Shepard

Never be better than Commander Shepard


Gosh, Collectors are super ugly and Collector General is the ugliest. (Implying Protheans are, too?)

Never be better than Commander Shepard

Not by me, my computer is too old to play. [via]

I never would have thought WINE can do this good. The computer spec is not really top-notch for gaming and casting in my opinion, but the performance is quite good as you can see in the video.

I dont know the real resolution the game was played with, but recording in 720p isnt cheap. The processor seems to be more than two years old, the GPU is around 1 year old, not sure about modern computer hardware stuff.

There seems to be some frames dropping, but I am not sure if thats caused by the playback in Flash or the actual dropping during recording. But generally, its smooth.

Last time I ran WINE was more than three years ago. I couldnt get CS:S running with native resolution of my monitor (1680x1050), which I could if I ran it on Windows. The best seemed to be 640x480, IIRC.

I guess if you have relatively new computer spec, then you probably have much better gaming experience than you had three years ago. But I am glad, I dont need to invest new stuff for finding out, because WINE still is still not 64-bit. (I dont think it will ever be)

I watched a few gameplay on, this game looks great and I happened also to watch the endings, which are really not so good.