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Just finished this hours-project. I happened to read this thread and know the FIGlet and TOIlet, hours later, I am showing you MPDisp. I used FIGlet not TOIlet because TOIlet doesn't support center aligning. Here is a screenshot:


You can read and download the code. The only dependency should be FIGlet (do I really need to say you need MPD?). It doesn't rely on (nc)mpc(pp), it contacts MPD directly. All it does is show the song information and give you a little bit of control, see the key list:

  • p - Pause/Resume
  • Enter - Play
  • s - Stop
  • n - Next song
  • p - Previous song
  • r - Repeat mode on/off
  • S - Single mode on/off
  • R - Random mode on/off
  • q - Quit
  • Q - Quit with MPD
I was thinking to use TOIlet, it has a feature called filter, which can render with colors. But it can't align text center. I might try to see what I can do to next.

The only problem I have seen is if you have too small window, text will be messed up, and I am not intended to solve it right now.

I got few suggestions from one of my blog posts. I wasnt really testing them but only some of them.


Some sites are dead and links have been removed. (2015-12-05T01:00:39Z)

  • Grooveshark: I think this one is the best. You can edit your playlist, though that isnt easy to build a playlist with Groovesharks Flash interface in my opinion. The embedded code has only one Flashobject.
  • You can only embed one song only at a time.
  • My Flash Fetish: This seems to have lots of users. It has many different skins. You can decided if you want it autoplay or shuffle the songs. You need to sign up in order to get the code.
  • The Music Hutch
  • Gcast: This one seems to serve podcast shows, but I did see someone use this to play music.

Do you have any more suggestions? leave a comment!