Just finished this hours-project. I happened to read this thread and know the FIGlet and TOIlet, hours later, I am showing you MPDisp. I used FIGlet not TOIlet because TOIlet doesn't support center aligning. Here is a screenshot:


You can read and download the code. The only dependency should be FIGlet (do I really need to say you need MPD?). It doesn't rely on (nc)mpc(pp), it contacts MPD directly. All it does is show the song information and give you a little bit of control, see the key list:

  • p - Pause/Resume
  • Enter - Play
  • s - Stop
  • n - Next song
  • p - Previous song
  • r - Repeat mode on/off
  • S - Single mode on/off
  • R - Random mode on/off
  • q - Quit
  • Q - Quit with MPD
I was thinking to use TOIlet, it has a feature called filter, which can render with colors. But it can't align text center. I might try to see what I can do to next.

The only problem I have seen is if you have too small window, text will be messed up, and I am not intended to solve it right now.