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Its sad that 2048tty got no attentions when its easily by far the best implementation I have ever played. Just one star and nothing else except 5 author self-opened issues.

With --animate0.1

You use hjkl to play.

As you can the animations above, not only the tiles get the sliding motion which Ive seen before in at2048 but also the scoring, the just-earned points floating up. High score and progress is saved, so you can quit at anytime and continue playing later.

Even its graphics is designed, not just simply put a box around a number, but an oval-shaped tile. Not like there is anything wrong about rectangular box, but you can see who puts more thought on the graphics designs.

2048tty was created by Samuel Phillips on 2014-12-27, written in Python 3 with ncurses under the GPLv3, currently git-ed56d8e (2015-01-31, post v1.0 (2015-04-30)0.

pybucket is an animated bucket tool, but I feel it has the potential to be a childrens coloring tool.

You know the coloring books, right? You feed the image and a bit of change of this tools UI, like a color swatch at bottom or on the side, so you can click to choose the color you want, and then you click to paint a section.

It doesnt have to be for children, adults would be nice, too, but I do want a terminal version, 256 colors dont provide much, but it would be fun to see it happening.

pybucket was created by Duncan Burggraf, written in Python with Pygame under the MIT License, currently git-a8d2ad1 (2015-11-09). shows a calm animation with a music. It looks like a Christmas card on computer screen.

The snowman is adorable with a not-so-little cane. The focal point, the Christmas Tree, stands right in front of you without any snow, it must be a magical tree. Snowing in the background, and smokes come out of chimney, which looks very creative in that ASCII art.

Originally with the first glance, I wished there was a bit of red here and a bit of green there. However, as I look at it more, it doesnt need any colors, simply monochrome does better. Its white and thats Christmas. is written in Bash under the MIT License, currently git-07076bc (2015-12-25) with music Faith Noel (2004) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.