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I dont know how many of you have watched Star Trek television series, and how many of whom have watched this particular episode, The Inner Light.

The Inner Light from Star Trek The Next Generation on STL Ocarina

I watched this episode many years ago, but I must admit I wasnt actually drawn into it at first, not until Picard or Kamin sitting on the steps and playing this song with his brass Ressikan flute. Its the music got me back to the story, the second time I watched it, I didnt miss any bit. If you never watched it, this ending shall shade some light on what this episode would be for you.

It has no battles, no phases or torpedoes, nothing gets your blood pumping, but its filled with the inner light. Interesting enough, this episode has become one of my favorite of all Star Trek episodes.

Unfortunately, I couldnt find any clips on YouTube, the very close was still frame, so I decided to put a video has only to do with the music. However, if you want to watch a clip, here is one from Lessons, Picards duet with Nella Daren at the fourth intersect in Jefferies tube 25. This episode is also my favorite, guess I like watching some inner struggling and pang.

I havent watched The Big Bang Theory since third episode of season five, kind of lose interest in the show. But two weeks ago, I watched a video, the full version of this flash mob1. The full version is much longer and has more than just one song.

The song is Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. This song has grown very popular, lots of lip dub videos have been made. I didnt know the song or the singer until this July when a blogger posted about Cookie Monsters Share It Maybe. Yes, I was introduced the song by the Cookie Monster, so you know whenever I hear this song, cookies pops up in my mind.

I wonder, besides the director and some crew, if Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was the only one got left out?

This one with feelings guys, okay? Here we go, and action! [minutes later] And action!


[1] is gone. (2015-12-10T03:23:21Z)

I watched this Law & Order: UK video via YouTube trending. I could not believe BBC would ever make a promo video like this. Its completely hilarious and kind of making sarcasm on its own show.

I think I can put some facts together to see what Americans have learnt from British:

1In the beginning

Behind every dead body on the streets, there is an innocent suspect, who often says I didnt

La FaRe La FaRe ReFaSol La FaRe? Any ideas of what it means?

Another hint: Can you save me?

Last hint: The Company.

Its the song, Can You Save Me by Apple Trees & Tangerines, as theme song of the tv show, Covert Affairs. If you still dont get it, check out this opening clip of Covert Affairs.

Got it?

The rhythm has stuck in my head for two days. I watched Cover Affairs from premiere, I did not really notice that theme song, but I suddenly hummed that part of song, not the vocal part.

You can download from their website, they posted a link1. (You will need to copy the text of that link, or you will be stopped from linking out from MySpace.)

The trailer of the show if you are interested.

This show is just a normal tv show, not too outstanding but definitely a good show to kill your free time.

I think the espionage in a tv show has some power to attract people to watch. Like Chuck, I watched it because its about spy and geek. But you have to realize that a tv show is just a show, they are far away from realistic world. (Futurama probably is one exception, I heard that created a mathematics theorem specially for the show. I never watched it, dont like animation.)

Spy plus beautiful female and handsome male leading roles, definitely a must-see. Even that guy is set as a blind man in the show, but that even is a plus, because how you could imagine a blind guy work for CIA?

La FaRe La FaRe ReFaSol La FaRe

La FaRe La FaRe ReFaSol La FaRe

Sometimes, its amazing that a song suddenly pops up in your head, then it stays for a while. The worst day since yesterday by Flogging Molly, I knew this song from Stargate Universe, I wasnt a SG fan. Actually, I never noticed this scifi until SGU.

I still couldnt understand how get stuck on a ancient alien ship or how a bunch of people hold projectile weapons can control—even operate technology far beyond their knowledge, could possibly have a story to write about. Yep, I know its a scifi, but I just feel the story isnt quite convincing. Maybe I just need to catch up Stargate from the beginning.

When something happens in real life, it usually triggers some related memory, and usually a song would be played in my head. Good tune plus the motion pictures of fiction story, thats how they got embedded in me.

Its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday.

(PS. I have a strong feeling, it wasnt my first heard from SGU. Somehow, I feel its from Numb3rs or Chuck, but I couldnt find the proof. Might just be the false memory?)