I watched I Wanna Dance With Somebody performed by Time Machine Band via YuTube Trends blog. At first, I clicked and went to check on something in terminal. 'Nice music,' I thought while reading something.

Spoiler Warning!

A while later, around 1'00", I switched back to browser to watch what's the special of this video, 'Just a band,' I was sure. Then, some extreme dramatic movements caught my eyes, that grandpa is really something to say least. I got that conclusion in just a few seconds of his talent dancing skill. ;)

A moment later, Wow! that grandma is something, too. Is this what they learn at their age? Anyway, They must be a couple after I saw their interaction.

I checked out the 720p to see if they have rings on, I believe so. I wonder how long have they married. Surely, they want to dance with somebody, they must love each other very much.

But, the rings are not the only things I saw. I noticed grandpa combs his hair in the beginning, then when the singer sings "I wanna feel the heat with somebody." The grandma lights up a lighter at precise moment!

They have prepared for this song!

The band is really professional. I would probably only laugh instead of performing. The guitar (on the left, I think) seems to be only one glances at them from time to time.

Well, then I saw this video, they dances with Lady Gaga's Poker Face performed by same band:

Guess what? Grandma takes out cards. This couple is professional as well.