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I put some social media buttons on this blog, not sure why I wanted to do this. Maybe its after I switched back to Blogger comments system.

Since new years day, I had been collecting spam emails, the one uses Gmail emoji. Less than 15 days, I received 52 such spams and I dont believe I have seen any legit email uses those emoji. Should I give thumbs-up to spammers?

There is one thing I noticed about the cat, when he cries with a unique sound, he is telling me to clean up his litter box because he just peed or pooped. I will go to the box and he will look back at me, making sure I get the message before he walks back to his bed and continues his sleep. I wonder if this is nature or nurture or simply catgenius, perhaps that indeed is cat has staff as they said.

I googled right hand colder than left hand and found Raynauds phenomenon, I dont think I got that, but some of the pictures inside is quite scarily, not as in bloody scare. I then googled right side colder than left, because I could feel my right leg is colder, too, but not so if I used my hand to sense the temperature. It seems if you google something, there always is a thing to tell you that you might have some disease or illness.

Those azuki bean sprouts are doing good, but I decided to take some to plant in box planter, around 20, they would be like cover crop, since the plants in that container aint doing well, Perhaps they could fix some nitrogen in before spring.

Next Monday, I will scatter the rest into dick container. The weather is cold and wet, not sure if any of these bean will survive, if not, they can still be nutrient once they decomposed.

I am under the weather today, stuffy and then running noses, but not too bad. The temperature is below 15C, it is the lowest this year, so far. However, the yardlong bean and Chinese red noodle bean still flowering, I counted 6 flowers, but I dont know if they are still fertilized.

This morning, I made a jar of sauerkraut, only white cabbage, nothing else. Also, the oyster mushroom in shredded cardboard, the king oyster mushroom that I prepared a few days ago, there seems to be some mycellium growing.

I heard that you can do leaf cutting, not all plants can grow into new plants, but I have to try this once. Seeds, stem cutting, leaf cutting, there might be other ways to propagate that I couldnt never imagine.

The cat wasnt interested in the toy I made, a flexible clothes hanger connected by electric wire to a small bell, he just didnt want to move.

Sprouting has been going on for long time, celery sprouts are packed in that little cup, but I didnt know how they taste. So I added some celery microgreen to toast, didnt taste very strong, but if I eat one sprout directly, its very strong celery flavor.

This afternoon, as I walked to balcony, looking at plants, a pigeon suddenly landed on railing of external window sill. I immediately froze, kept very still as best as I can. It looked at me, or passed me, then busy looking down at ground level. Probably a minute or two before it took off. We were distanced in two meters at most, the only thing between us is window screen.

Some rainbow potatoes, I decided to chit three of them, not sure what colors inside or what I can grow in if they do chit, which I believe they would, quite some eyes on them. I am thinking about thick plastic shopping bag, filled with shredded cardboard, stacked with another bag if lucky enough that works. This would be an experiment, I just have to shred a lot of cardboard.

I drank a cup of coffee this morning, not wanted to waste that. I am not worrying if Id stay up all night, because I am pretty tired right now.

The celery bottom was coming up new green stalks and leaves. Sowed eight seeds, green bean, cayenne pepper, passion fruit, okra, cucumber, kumquat, grape, and bell pepper. Each with five seeds except kumquat, which I only had one seed. I also collected two small squashes seeds, but all non-floating, still kept twenty, not sure if they would germinate. The rest of seeds, I roasted them, but they didnt taste good, composted.

This afternoon, I was walking past him several times, and he was looking at me as I hiding a dryer behind me. I think he knew something was up. So, I got a brush, a bottle of pet shampoo, a towel, nail clipper, and dryer. I grabbed him and went into the bathroom, shut the door, then he finally realized what the heck was going on, but it was too late.

I began with nails, but as I clipped it, the nail broke into deeper place, I decided not to do it anymore. However, there was one nail had curved back, I carefully clipped that one. Then, I brush his fur, didnt see any tangled hairs.

Now, the main show is going to start. I dipped him into a bucket of lukewarm water, pulled out and sat him on my laps, then applied the shampoo. I can really feel his rapid breaths and heart pumping hard and fast. He was meowing, of course, but didnt put much of effort to get away nor scratch me, quite docile. He just meowed as I rubbed the shampoo over.

Waited a few minutes before I rinsing him clean. Toweling him, then using the dryer, he seemed not to be bothered by the dryer. After a while, when he was fairly dried, its my turn. After I got back into bathroom, I realized I am itching and get hives every place which his fur had directly contact with my skin. Well, thats the confirmation that I am allergic to cats fur.

When I opened the door, he went out, I thought he was going back to his bed, but he did not. He walked right to the feeding bowl, he was hungry. That bathing shenanigan didnt affect his appetite, when you gotta eat, then you gotta eat.

I wont bathe him again, hives didnt bother me, but nail clipping is too scary for me, better leave that to professional. For now, I will be preparing a piece of wood, hope it would be a good scratching board.

Time for bed.

Cat loves sponge as you can see in this video, but if its soaked with water, a sponge bathing? They would run away next time they see you hiding a sponge behind you. This video provides a nice instructions, if you want to try this one-time only bathing technique:

  1. Acquire cat and remove collar.

    First step is always the hardest, they have sixth sense, they can smell your intentions!

  2. Lightly Soap with dampened cloth (warm diluted solution of cat shampoo is best), ~ praise cat throughout ~

    I doubt they really buy it.

  3. Thoroughly rinse with warm damp cloth, then

  4. Gently towel dry. (do not iron)

    I bet some owners would want to try if ironing is more efficient.

I found its always fun to watch cat getting bathed, though there are some cat breeds do like water. And

Wait a minute!

if you see this at the top of this blog.

In the near end of September, I put a GrooveShark plugin of the song "Wake me up when September ends" at the top. I thought that would be great because that song has something to do with "September" and I like that song.

Then I have planned to put this image of the cat on after I have fun with it when October arrives. I found the original scary image is too tall, so I cropped it to leave only one eye and intensified the scariness level. It's really scary I have to say honestly.

It's fun to do so I would say, kind of like Google Doodles, I will try to make a monthly theme for every month from now on. I might put all together into a gallery a few years later.

Can't recall when was last time I took a shot of him.



The look on his face (or any cat's) is always thoughtful, though he may not be really thinking.

I wish I could have taken a photo like this. But never got a chance, running away when he gets flashed, there was always not having enough light to take a shot without flash. This cat hates flash light, but who ever likes?

First, Cats are Aliens!

See by yourself!

They look like aliens from movies. Maybe some cats are not really cats? Beware of your cats! ;-)

Second, Few cats have 6/7 toes

This cat is absolutely adorable! I know human has possiblity to have six fingers, and I did see that and touched the sixth finger before. He or she too long ago to remember was my classmate at elementary school, we even knew the sixth finger thing before textbook tells whole class.

I wonder if cat has supernumerary toes and human is different than cat, what else animal can have supernumerary toes or fingers?

Earlier today, I changed my avatar on Twitter. It's for fun that make avatar look like blank image. However, you still can see something from the avatar.

So, here comes this post. I use GIMP to make another one from a cat image. The original is

(Kind of cool face, isn't?)

The rough steps

  1. Firstly, open it and duplicate the layer. And don't forget to add alpha channel. Name the duplicated layer as Edge.

  2. Apply Filters Edge-Detect Sobel... on Edge layer. The result looks like

  3. Remove some unwanted edges, only leave the main part. In this case, the cat's head.

  4. Add Black (full transparency) layer mask to Source layer.

  5. Copy Edge layer onto Source's layer mask.

  6. Reduce Opacity to make the image be barely seen.

  7. Enhance if the ghost image is not evenly seen:

    a) Duplicate the Edge as Enhance.

    b) Remove the parts that are too strong from Enhance layer.

    c) Adjust Opacity of Enhance layer to make ghost image looks balanced.

The final image

Yes, it's right above. (I set the opacity way too low. :p) The final GIMP file is here.

Before I tell you the story, I have another story.

My cat loves sleeping in my bed, but you know that he has to jump up first. Last year, his first failure of jumping, which I saw that happening. At the moment, I laughed. It's really funny when you saw a cat seems to slip upon wooden floor. I must be laughing quite loud, he made a very sad sound. That's the first time that I felt cat has self-esteem, too! Afterwards, I try to hold my breath very hard.

About two weeks ago, I made a 1-step stair for him. He didn't use that at first, I think he has no idea what it is. A week ago, I tried to teach him how to use. I put his front legs on the stair and slapped my bed to give him a sign to jump up. He did, we tried few times. I then just directly gave him a sign when he was on floor entirely and he stepped on stair then the bed. Since then, he knows there is a thing, that he can step on. I am so happy that he can learn and this is his first trick. (No, I don't think he can learn dog-tricks)

Okay, back to the topic, I have a blanket and he loved it, but not anymore. If you have a cat, it's easy to understand they love scratch that kind of soft stuff, although sometimes they are not really scratching. Anyway, damage would have made, my poor blanket. I don't mind he sleeps in my bed, but I really don't want he scratches.

I tried to stop him but he seems to think I am playing with him. So I decided to grab his legs from beneath of the blanket. Every time I do, he scares. He freezes a bit, try to pull his legs back, then fall back few steps. You should look at his face. Confusing, scaring... wondering what's that? I didn't mean to scare him, but I scared him.

Now, he still jumps up, but he firstly circle around this evil blanket. Step by step, easily, slowly, carefully to get into the dangerous zone. Sometimes, he thinks that is still too risky, therefore he goes to the old bed.

Beware of the Yellow Devil!

For all cats' staff like us, Cats are People, definitely. Every time, I want to comment about a cat photo on Flickr, I don't know how to start. IT is not a polite pronoun to use. HE or SHE would not be polite, either, if you guess wrong. So, I usually use Your cat ...

Is there any tips to say a cat is male or female by a photo?

Am I too over? Try those parents.

My Cat (not me) has first live show on Ustream.Tv!

I need to place a light but that seems to make the cat difficultly sleep. The audio capture of Flash doesn't work again, so you won't hear his snoring.

This broadcasting would only be available when he is sleeping in my room.

Live streaming video by Ustream

I have been watching this when I took short breaks from my tasks. When I watch it, I eat some food and keep laughing at those kittens. When they do funny pose, I even impersonate and laugh louder.

I am starting to wonder what's wrong with me or I shouldn't think that is a mistake? I just couldn't resist watching them.

I also want to set up one for my cat but I currently can't make my old webcam work.