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Yep, this is breakfast. I don't eat like others.



Don't know how to call this thing, just amazed by its texture.


If this got more blurry, it could be a monster, huge mouth about to eat you.



Whatever they are, you don't want to eat them.


Toast + chocolate + banana + peach + honey != -Soy milk

I know, this is more like a breakfast.



No, it's not a snack or teatime stuff. Haven't you gotten to know my eating disorder problem?

Hi yourself!

Hi yourself!


Oh, shoot! I forgot to drink a cup of coffee today. How could I forget something like that?

It's like tax and death, it should be inevitable.

Imaginatively Fly To The Infinite Possibilities

Just a photo if it is without an actual action when taken

Within our brain, we can imagine, create a fictional memory,

or revenge what someone did to you long time ago

In the end, nothing of them would be real

They would never come to this bloody world

Only remain inside, ridiculous dreams

Why so negative?

Because you forget to open the window (Ouch!), and

you also forget you can not really fly (Belief is not enough)

Unless... you were a superman!