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I am under the weather today, stuffy and then running noses, but not too bad. The temperature is below 15C, it is the lowest this year, so far. However, the yardlong bean and Chinese red noodle bean still flowering, I counted 6 flowers, but I dont know if they are still fertilized.

This morning, I made a jar of sauerkraut, only white cabbage, nothing else. Also, the oyster mushroom in shredded cardboard, the king oyster mushroom that I prepared a few days ago, there seems to be some mycellium growing.

I heard that you can do leaf cutting, not all plants can grow into new plants, but I have to try this once. Seeds, stem cutting, leaf cutting, there might be other ways to propagate that I couldnt never imagine.

The cat wasnt interested in the toy I made, a flexible clothes hanger connected by electric wire to a small bell, he just didnt want to move.

Sprouting has been going on for long time, celery sprouts are packed in that little cup, but I didnt know how they taste. So I added some celery microgreen to toast, didnt taste very strong, but if I eat one sprout directly, its very strong celery flavor.

This afternoon, as I walked to balcony, looking at plants, a pigeon suddenly landed on railing of external window sill. I immediately froze, kept very still as best as I can. It looked at me, or passed me, then busy looking down at ground level. Probably a minute or two before it took off. We were distanced in two meters at most, the only thing between us is window screen.

Some rainbow potatoes, I decided to chit three of them, not sure what colors inside or what I can grow in if they do chit, which I believe they would, quite some eyes on them. I am thinking about thick plastic shopping bag, filled with shredded cardboard, stacked with another bag if lucky enough that works. This would be an experiment, I just have to shred a lot of cardboard.

It seems plants have taken my mind quite a lot of time, especially when I lie in bed and think back of the day. I will try to plan what I can do tomorrow or next week.

This morning, I noticed the pepper cutting seems to root in water, actually its a topping. Two weeks ago, I decided to top the pepper plants, they did produce some flower buds, but virtually all fell off, the weather wasnt on my side. Since they were not pruned, it might not be a bad idea to do so, although I prefer to let them take their course.

Three tops were cut, I pulled off the bottom leaves, then planted them into a pot with growing medium, but didnt seem to work, only one still has new growth. So, I took the other two out and plunged them into a water bottle three days ago. I saw a few translucent strings from one cutting, they might be roots, but I am not completely sure.

Today, the celery finally sprouted after ten days, brown seed with white little tail. Its fascinating that a celery could grow from that tiny seed, but these wont get the chance to be a big tall celery stalks, because I am going to eat them young and raw. (sounds creepy)