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if you see this at the top of this blog.

In the near end of September, I put a GrooveShark plugin of the song "Wake me up when September ends" at the top. I thought that would be great because that song has something to do with "September" and I like that song.

Then I have planned to put this image of the cat on after I have fun with it when October arrives. I found the original scary image is too tall, so I cropped it to leave only one eye and intensified the scariness level. It's really scary I have to say honestly.

It's fun to do so I would say, kind of like Google Doodles, I will try to make a monthly theme for every month from now on. I might put all together into a gallery a few years later.

I changed the background color and add a random scariest tux icon on this blog for Halloween. (Any for Tuz?)

If you like the icon, you can put on your website by adding:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Happy Halloween!

Note to myself: old background color code is #072a60.