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It cant be a better timing to share this 33-year-old song, Happy New Year (1980) by ABBA (1972-1982).

During this time of year, people used to talk about the good, the bad, listing what had been done in the previous year, doing reviews, making resolutions or none, and these sorts of things. Its quite interesting to read blogs doing those, and I can see everyone has its own way to write about it.

An end is also a beginning, a start of something new, trying things you have never dared to do before. For me, as a blogger, not crazy enough like those people, I am only trying blogging with KISS principle and thats why I dont embed YouTube video but with only links.

I saw some bloggers were trying to figure out from whether they should continue to blog or not to complicated life situations, while others happily making plans and setting goals for this brand new 2013. Some bloggers have realized that making resolutions are just crossing-the-previous-year-number-and-writing-down-the-new-year-number-on-the-same-list kind of thing, and stopped it. But if you still make some, consider to add some to your resolutions list. Whatever they do, one thing they all love is making a post with a long list of posts.

For some reason, I dont feel this song was trying to bring happy feeling. Three decades later, we definitely still need to say Happy New Year as you follow whats going on in our world.

May we all have our hopes, our will to try.

Yes, this post was supposed to be the first post of this year, but never got to write one. Last year, I did the same thing, really not a procrastination, just didn't have the mood. That was a long post with random stuff.

Starting with this year, I will put together some numbers. This post is probably a template for the future new year's post.

In 2011, this blog had 48,481 visits (64,292 pageviews). Top 5 posts:
  1. Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta: 6,312 pageviews (9.82%)
  2. Stick div at top after scrolling: 3,674 pageviews (5.71%)
  3. Migrating to tmux from GNU/Screen: 2,423 pageviews (3.77%)
  4. Super Simple is still not HTML5 valid: 2,306 pageviews (3.59%)
  5. First step to Twitter OAuth & Streaming API using Python: 2,086 pageviews (3.24%)
The homepage had  2,266 pageviews (3.52%). The traffic sources:
  • Search Traffic: 72.04%, 34,924 Visits
  • Referral Traffic: 13.80%, 6,691 Visits
  • Direct Traffic: 13.63%, 6,606 Visits
  • Campaigns: 0.54%, 260 Visits

Obviously, this blog heavily relies on search engines. I wish Referral can take more in the future.

In 2011, I posted 145 posts, that is 0.397 posts a day, or a post every 2.517 days.

(This is a late post. I think this is possible the last moment to post.)

After I watched a family broadcast celebration (fireworks) of New Years in Disney's Polynesian Resort, an idea was suddenly stuck in my head. Or more like a dream, an unrealistic dream or wish.

I wonder if it is possible that I can travel for living? Travel as my job, but not like those you will see on TV or read on books. I get money to travel in any way I like. Ha! We then ask who would like to give you money to travel? Yep, I doubt that, too.

About a year ago, I told a MSN contact about travel. I think a good trip is to try to be a local. Having conversations with people who live there for many years is a nice travel for me. Anthony Bourdain has said Be a traveller, not a tourist. I always remember that.

I wish I could stay in a place at least a week up to a month. Meet some local and host a live chat show with them. Not only for feeling for myself, but also sharing the people, the culture with Internet people. I can tweet, upload photos and clips, and write about what I see and hear.

Every year, I celebrate New Year from different places with different people, who I may or may not know. Learn the culture they have been living for generations and generations, taste the food they would never miss even for a single meal,enjoy the environment they protect and cherish, and listen to every aspect that they proud of.

Eventually, this is just a dream. That's not because it's unreal but I never tried to make it real.

Tried to shoot the fireworks but done very badly. I took few through my dirty window.



I wasn't thought I would see many fireworks from different locations, I think at least 10 places were firing. I can hear people loudly said Happy New Year! and I have no idea where they were. Those fireworks consecutively lasted for about 20 minutes. 2009 has proved me that it is amazing from very beginning. And I never thought I could see so many beautiful fireworks at the same time from the window.

Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!

Goodbye 2008!

I saw few photos on Flickr use some different methods to write 2008 and this is my way! I use Mouse Track in KDE's Desktop Effects. The light source is five stars fly around mouse cursor. Few books to stack up for camera. B shutter and f/22. My chin to hold the shutter. Left hand to press Ctrl+Win and right hand moves the mouse to write. Background is an all black image created using GIMP. Showing in full-screen using Eye of GNOME. KDE on GNU/Linux from Fedora 10 distro.

Completely created in free way and that's my way.

Of course, there is a photo for 2009!

Hello 2009!

It's easy to welcome 2009, just hit the Enter key! (We enter 2009!)

Oh, just a reminder! Please don't celebrate too fast for 2009, we have an extra second to countdown! Hey, you can stay in 2008 for one more second (UTC or behind) or you can have extra second in 2009 (ahead UTC), isn't that great?

I tried hard to recall what was the resolutions for 2008, search on my old blog and message logs, but I found nothing. That is what I expected. Year's resolution is promise to self, I am the person who can't keep a promise to self. When I promise someone else, 90% can fulfill it; when I promise myself, 90% can't.

Earlier, a msn contact asked me "any resolutions for new year?" I answered no. Hours later, I am writing this posting because I think I got to promise myself again (for the last time) and spread it out (kind of a forcibly measure).

Now, I am here to announce my only resolution for 2009:

Be a blogger.
Yes, you read it right and you are reading it from a blog posting. Ain't I a blogger? No, not yet. I am still not a blogger in my mind. There is an extra condition to this resolution if it calls success: Must be done before 2009-03-29. That date is a very important to me. If I couldn't make it before that day, the whole thing would be meaningless.

I have nearly four months, that should be enough. I got a goal, next is to have a plan.

PS. This actually is the first item of my 30 Before 30 uncompleted list.