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In Blogger

I have mentioned that my labels has grown out of control, 2,119 labels as of 5/8. It's always been a daunting task whenever I need to apply a label to multiple posts or remove therefrom. See for yourself:

See how short that blue grip is? A slight mouse movement could skip dozens of labels easily. When writing, it's basically fine, because it has filter and auto-completion. But in the posts management, no label filter. I have to scroll down carefully.

I added a user style in Pentadactyl to expand the list box's width:
" maximize Labels popup in Blogger
style* <<EOF
div.blogg-menu-popup {
    left: 0 !important;
div[role="listbox"] {
    max-width: none !important;
div[role="listbox"] > div > div {
  display: inline-block;
This resolves the issue. Now it looks like:

Even expanded in post writing, too:

In Google Reader

The same situation happens in Google Reader as well, though it's not as severe as in Blogger.

And the following code is similar to one for Blogger:
" maximize Labels popup in Google Reader
style* <<EOF
.subscription-folders-menu {
  left: 0 !important;
.subscription-folders-menu div[role="menuitem"] {
  display: inline-block;
The folders listbox now looks like:

After posted about how to retrieve labels, I was too bored and by unknown miracle, I decided to write this Labels page. Shamelessly to say, I am very happy for I have done.


This labels page has been updated to a more comprehensive search page. (2015-07-06T07:12:04Z)


I am no longer labeling my posts, in fact, I actually remove labels whenever I update an old post. (2015-07-06T07:12:09Z)

If you want to have same page, here is how you can make one:

  1. Get the code from source of Labels page. You need to copy from <!-- BEGIN: whole code --> to <!-- END: whole code -->.
  2. You need to modify <!-- BEGIN: settings -->, read the comments and do what they say.
  3. Create a new page and post the code you have modified.
  4. If you need to update the code, check Last updated, if its different, then paste the new code. Normally, you only need to update main code. You might want to make some changes to style or HTML.

The label in Blogger is like the tag in WordPress. But it's not necessary to be that though. You can use label as anyway that you want to. However, since BRPS is fully based on label query. You must follow some rules in order to get the most related posts.

The following is the guidelines:
  • Label you post with Category + Tag If you have a computer topic blog and you have a post about photo editing using GIMP on Windows. You may label with Windows, which is using in Category way. But it's not good enough. You may label with Windows, Howto. It's still not enough, try Windows, Howto, Photo editing. You can try more Windows, Howto, Photo editing, GIMP. Why not one more? Windows, Howto, Photo editing, GIMP, Filter. Now I believe that you got the idea, you can go on your own.
  • As of writing, Blogger supports up to 20 labels to one blog posting. It won't cost you if you label with 20 labels, so why not just label as many as possible and get the most related posts. BRPS queries all 20 labels for you, don't waste the ability of BRPS!
  • When you label a post, Photo editing give you more precise results than Photo, editing. Because the later may also match File, editing.

I updated my old LabelCloud widget and named the newer code "LabelX". Here is how it looks:

Please check out the project page. It converts an official Labels Gadget into a LabelCloud or a dropdown box. You can sort labels by label names or frequency, limit to top # frequent labels, reverse the order, or change font size range.

Any feedback is welcome!