I want[#want]_ to get a list of labels after I read this post, which is about the bloggers index page of his recipes. Its handmade list and its kind of strange since the code uses jQuery but reload page for updating list of posts. I want to list all labels automatically and update list of posts in place.

(Warning: Its really a long long long long list!)

Please view page source for the source code (BSD License). At this moment, it just literally lists all labels. As you can see, its not easy to read. I am thinking for a better way. Maybe split them by alphabets, put them into a drop down menu, or have something auto-completion feature in an input box? Of course, my final Labels (index) page will list posts as you seen in that recipes index page. But I will use Blogger API only, that index uses Yahoo! Pipes, another mystery to me.

There is one thing missing, the post counts of a label, the Blogger API doesnt give us that information. For this point, you might be wondering why I dont just parse content of Labels gadget. The reason is the content of Labels gadget is directly visible to search engine crawlers and they are not smart including Googlebot, they would match keywords on labels list. I dont want people to visit my blog because that kind false match, therefore I dont even use Labels gadget.

I am really not sure if I will continue to write this Labels page because honestly I have only clicked on other blogs label/tag links for a few times. I dont really need to have a Labels page, it certainly is convenient but not really necessary for me to have one. For last 30 days, I got 14 out of 3328 pageviews on label pages, which is 0.434%. Do I really need one of that index page?

[1]Actually I have been wanting to retrieve a list of labels since I knew about Blogger API, never knew how to do so. But hours ago, I googled for that again. This time I found this reply.