After posted about how to retrieve labels, I was too bored and by unknown miracle, I decided to write this Labels page. Shamelessly to say, I am very happy for I have done.


This labels page has been updated to a more comprehensive search page. (2015-07-06T07:12:04Z)


I am no longer labeling my posts, in fact, I actually remove labels whenever I update an old post. (2015-07-06T07:12:09Z)

If you want to have same page, here is how you can make one:

  1. Get the code from source of Labels page. You need to copy from <!-- BEGIN: whole code --> to <!-- END: whole code -->.
  2. You need to modify <!-- BEGIN: settings -->, read the comments and do what they say.
  3. Create a new page and post the code you have modified.
  4. If you need to update the code, check Last updated, if its different, then paste the new code. Normally, you only need to update main code. You might want to make some changes to style or HTML.