I watched this Law & Order: UK video via YouTube trending. I could not believe BBC would ever make a promo video like this. Its completely hilarious and kind of making sarcasm on its own show.


I think I can put some facts together to see what Americans have learnt from British:

1   In the beginning

Behind every dead body on the streets, there is an innocent suspect, who often says I didnt

Detectives investigate the truth and arrest the suspect by saying I am arresting you, then bring suspects to judge who wears wig and furry clothing.

2   Crown prosecutors

  • They are passionate
  • They defer to judges ask by saying My Lord and My Lady!
  • Their favorite word to hear is guilty.
  • They hate to hear not guilty.
  • They cross arms with conviction.
  • They end by saying no further questions.

3   Police and prosecutors

  • They are often incomprehensible.
  • They speak code:
    • wanker = insulting name
    • bent = corrupt
    • rubbish = nonsense
    • queuing up = lining up
    • blimey = Im surprised!
    • brilliant = fantastic
    • nappie = diaper
    • bollocks = nonsense
    • bloody = mild expletive
    • flat = apartment
    • mum = mom
    • mate = friend
    • cheers = thanks
    • copper = police officer
    • bloke = dude
    • knackers = ballspants
    • flog = sell
    • baubles = trinkets
    • pound = unit of currency
  • They have well balance diet: sandwiches and pens.
  • They love scotch, but love tea much more.
  • They hate placing things down gently.
  • They make
    • suspects cry,
    • witnesses cry, and
    • family and victims cry.
  • They interrogate celebrity lookalikes.
  • They only walk by the river when the camera pans like this.
  • They are polite: always say please, thank you, and sorry.
  • They are compulsively clean.
  • The only thing they love more than seeking justice is wearing scarves: maroon, grey, charcoal, chocolate, rainbow, dash, brown, argyle, plaid, double rainbow.