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Finally, another Friday the 13th!

Wait, why am I so happy for it? Duh, you hardly have it once a while. What about leap day? Who cares about that unless you were born on that date. Sorry, leap day birthday boys and girls, but you just have one legitimate birthday two months ago.

According to Wikipedia:

On average, there is a Friday the 13th once every 212.35 days (compared to Thursday the 13th, which occurs only once every 213.59 days).

The distribution of the 13th day over the 4,800 months is as follows:
Day of the week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Number of occurrences 687 685 685 687 684 688 684

You only have one Friday the 13th nearly every 7 months on average. But for more interesting fact is Friday 13th occurs little more often than 13th on other days. Does that mean we are doomed if you believe Friday 13th is bad luck?

Well, that may be possible and 2012 Apocalypse could be like nothing at all after you read the following from same Wikipedia article:

The asteroid 99942 Apophis will make a close encounter with Earth, closer than the orbits of communication satellites, on April 13, 2029.

Furthermore on 99942 Apophis:

However, a possibility remained that during the 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a precise region in space no more than about a half-mile wide, that would set up a future impact on April 13, 2036.


As of October 7, 2009, the probability of an April 13, 2036 impact is considered to be 1 in 250,000.

Boy, how can you not like this 1 in 250,000 chance? It's much better than hitting the Jackpot of Mega Millions. 1 in 175,711,536, okay, much much more better. You don't even need to buy a lottery ticket and everyone is eligible to win it and it is automatically collected. No need to worry about your identity to be revealed or become a mystery. Don't worry about being contacted for a interview or potential documentary. Need no fear of money that could tear your life apart or change your personality or your family. Worry not about self-titled-friends show up at doorstep telling your about their mothers falls of stairs and break bones, need a huge amount of money. With 2036 Global Jackpot, everyone is the winner, you get nothing to worry about the previous nonsense. Shame, April 13, 2036 is not a Friday.

If Apophis doesn't hit us or you can't wait, be sure to check out the possible lotteries table that NASA put up for us. There are many more lotteries which provide much higher winning odd than Apophis.

Truly, you don't need to concern if you don't like winning such lottery. By the time of impact if there is a definitive one, and if we humans haven't nuked the hell out of each other, we probably can already develop much more powerful space missile and kick the asteroid's ass before it even gets close to Mars's Solar System's orbit.

If we can't stop the asteroid, Skynet probably can save us while they control the ground. If Skynet can't, T-Virus may already transform us into zombies and zombies don't feel anything. So, we are totally fine.

If none of those happens, we only need to survive from World War III and wait for the alcoholic Dr. to build the first man-made warp-capable engine in April, 2063, then Vulcans will come to us! Even Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his Enterprise will be here, too. They can just use tractor beam to alter asteroid path.  It's already written. We will be fine.

Okay, what if asteroid impact before 2063? Easy, we just demand Stargate Command for free passage, all humans relocate to other planets. Problem solved.

Hold on a minute, asteroid? What the heck?

Back to the Friday. Speaking of Friday, you getta have the lamest theme songs: Friday and T.G.I.F. (in 80s)!

I have to say I had never watched those two music videos before. After I watched them, I realized that Void Rays really is a parody. Then WTF, Rebecca Black is in T.G.I.F., later WTFF, Kenny G?

Finally, WTFFF is this post? I'm not even drinking.

Sometimes, its amazing that a song suddenly pops up in your head, then it stays for a while. The worst day since yesterday by Flogging Molly, I knew this song from Stargate Universe, I wasnt a SG fan. Actually, I never noticed this scifi until SGU.

I still couldnt understand how get stuck on a ancient alien ship or how a bunch of people hold projectile weapons can control—even operate technology far beyond their knowledge, could possibly have a story to write about. Yep, I know its a scifi, but I just feel the story isnt quite convincing. Maybe I just need to catch up Stargate from the beginning.

When something happens in real life, it usually triggers some related memory, and usually a song would be played in my head. Good tune plus the motion pictures of fiction story, thats how they got embedded in me.

Its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday.

(PS. I have a strong feeling, it wasnt my first heard from SGU. Somehow, I feel its from Numb3rs or Chuck, but I couldnt find the proof. Might just be the false memory?)