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Cups (Pitch Perfects When Im Gone) (2011) by Anna Kendrick, is a cover of the original song Cups (Youre Gonna Miss Me) (2009) by Lulu and the Lampshades, which is a rendition of Miss Me When Im Gone (1937) by J. E. Mainers Mountaineers and Youre Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone (1938) by (Charlie) Monroes Boys, according to Wikipedia.

Confused? Well, just enjoy Anna Kendricks music video version.

Never had watched Pitch Perfect or any of her television shows or films, but I did know she is also a singer after I stumbled across her Wikipedia page, though never heard of any singing of hers until Cups.

Once again, a YouTube recommendation popped up, but I wasnt sure this was a good one when the video just started, although I like baking part at the beginning. When she started playing the cup I thought this wouldnt be like that world record freaking awesome cup stacking video, would it? That would be so weird for a music video.

The music video turned out quite interesting when I realized thats some beats from playing the cup and clapping. That chef can drum, and that guy at 312 is hilarious when he couldnt get the cup out at the first try.

Because of this music video, though it has nothing to do with the story of Pitch Perfect, I watched the film and I like it. Its not like the usual films that you would hate the antagonists to the bones, in fact, I dont really feel the film has one. Of course, it has, just very weak. Id describe its a film of positivity. Certainly, it has the element of romance, you know the boy meets the girls, and they get together in the end after some silly arguments. Which I really dont like films or television shows have that. Like antagonist in this film, that part isnt the focus, or should I say that I simply ignored and concentrated on the music.

Did she really sing Youre gonna miss my taco?

Sometimes, its amazing that a song suddenly pops up in your head, then it stays for a while. The worst day since yesterday by Flogging Molly, I knew this song from Stargate Universe, I wasnt a SG fan. Actually, I never noticed this scifi until SGU.

I still couldnt understand how get stuck on a ancient alien ship or how a bunch of people hold projectile weapons can control—even operate technology far beyond their knowledge, could possibly have a story to write about. Yep, I know its a scifi, but I just feel the story isnt quite convincing. Maybe I just need to catch up Stargate from the beginning.

When something happens in real life, it usually triggers some related memory, and usually a song would be played in my head. Good tune plus the motion pictures of fiction story, thats how they got embedded in me.

Its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday,
its been worst day since yesterday.

(PS. I have a strong feeling, it wasnt my first heard from SGU. Somehow, I feel its from Numb3rs or Chuck, but I couldnt find the proof. Might just be the false memory?)