I havent watched The Big Bang Theory since third episode of season five, kind of lose interest in the show. But two weeks ago, I watched a video, the full version of this flash mob1. The full version is much longer and has more than just one song.

The song is Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. This song has grown very popular, lots of lip dub videos have been made. I didnt know the song or the singer until this July when a blogger posted about Cookie Monsters Share It Maybe. Yes, I was introduced the song by the Cookie Monster, so you know whenever I hear this song, cookies pops up in my mind.

I wonder, besides the director and some crew, if Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was the only one got left out?

This one with feelings guys, okay? Here we go, and action! [minutes later] And action!


[1] is gone. (2015-12-10T03:23:21Z)