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I watched this Law & Order: UK video via YouTube trending. I could not believe BBC would ever make a promo video like this. Its completely hilarious and kind of making sarcasm on its own show.

I think I can put some facts together to see what Americans have learnt from British:

1In the beginning

Behind every dead body on the streets, there is an innocent suspect, who often says I didnt

It's an old-style police drama about homicide detectives. Nothing fancy about technology, no impressive huge projector (could somebody turn on the light?), no vast computer monitor (it would take you 3.1415926 seconds to walk from end to end of that monitor), no incredible multi-touch screen (ain't your hands tired?), no Windows-7-like gradient or translucency filter (my eyes hurt), no RSA-encrytion break (give me a break really), no tap-in into analogous CCTV (how on Earth they could do that, psychic?), just simple and straight into the point of a show like this should be.

I was wondering recently, why would so many police drama shows have to make up a lot of sci-fi equipment/interface stuff? It's not as if you can't have hi-tech stuff, but they really over-do and ridiculous exaggerate.

The first one I saw which has been under control is Chase. It has a great start, especially the first fight scene. I noticed the actress also played in Past Life, which I only watched the first episode. The bad guy was from The Beast, good show, but he looked more like bad guy in The Beast. Anyway, after starting, it became average.

Then Hawaii Five-0, a re-imagining version, its pace was too fast for pilot episode, I felt they rushed to put everything into place in just one episode. I don't know if that's what the original does, but it just don't make sense to me. In the end of first episode, they were cleaning up the office, where the heck those documents from? Those were like records or reports after ten years work. The leading actor, you should know he is the doctor from Three Rivers, cancelled, it had a lot of fancy stuff and the characters settings were really strange, but I watched whole season.

Back to Detroit 1-8-7, since it goes back the most important element of a show, it all depends on how the actors act. I think they are good. The only flaw in my opinion is the thing that Det. Finch has for Det. Sanchez, that really ruined the first episode. Why would writers always put love affection in every show?

Is it true that you can find many different caliber casings on a bridge in Detroit?

Do you have The Bucket List [IMDb, Wikipedia] (things that you want to do before you kick the bucket [die])? What would you be thinking when a doctor tells you only have six months to live, a year if you are lucky?

Two questions: Have you found joy in your life? and Has your life brought joy to others?

I think for both of Edward and Carter, they are seeking the joy and trying to bring joy to each other. Carter dedicated his life to his family, at the last time of his life for the first time, he is encouraged by Edward to do what he hadn't had a chance or courage to fulfill.

Does life have purpose? How do you measure a life? Is life really measurable? Everyone has own answer. But do we need answers to our lives? Life is not as simple as yes or no. You may or may not be descibing your life in words. However, I am sure that life needs to be experienced. You can't not just live by what people tell you, we need to find out a way to live, our own way. Each life is unique, whether it is good or bad.

If your answers to both questions are No, then you haven't got you life started. It would never be too late to do something until you stop breathing.

Legend of the Seeker [IMDb, Wikipedia] is a TV series based on The Sword of Truth, a novel series.

I never watched a show about epic world, full of magical power, warriors, wizards, strange creatures, and others we have seen in movies. I wonder if this show has something from The Lord of the Rings in spirit of art or visual effects.

It's shot in New Zealand, a beautiful country. There are many stunning scenes in the show. Bullet Time is used many times. However, it's not so magical, most time I saw is the fire spell. I was expecting more than that. But fighting scenes are good.

Are all Confessors good at fighting? Anyway, when Kahlan confesses a person, the pupils become full black, then the whole eye. I believe that I saw X-Files' shadows. Wait, that's black floating stuff. That should be Supernatural's shadows.

It doesn't have much can make you LOL, but it's not boring at all. Maybe this is because it's new type of show for me.

Every time a film has religion as part of elements, I can not write much about it since I don't know much.

The most interesting thing is not about this film, even it has good action scenes. When I read the cast list, Ashraf Barhorn (played Colonel Faris Al Ghazi) got my attention. The biography writes "He is Israeli, of Arabic heritage." Before this, I thought Israel is 100% Jewish citizens. I was wrong. "Arab citizens of Israel" explains 19.7% citizens of Israel are Arabs. I know there are Arabs live in Israel, but I never thought they have citizenship. Maybe they do not think they are citizens of Israel?

One more thing about this film I want to mention is what Ronald told to Janet and Abu Hamza told to his grandson:
Ronald Fleury: I told her we were gonna kill 'em all.
15-Year-Old Grandson: Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.
I believe that is to point out whoever you are, most of use are not saint. Only few people can convert angry into forgiveness and even help the enemies. Many cultures or religions teach their people not to use violence or to revenge by indignation, I wonder how many of use can follow when things happen on us?

Links: IMDb and Wikipedia