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1Update on (2011-07-21T22:24:21Z)

Some months after I posted this, this didnt work anymore. Yesterday, I finally decided to fix this. The JavaScript code is actually being evaluated, but the prompt with :bmark doesnt show up. If I run manually, it still doesnt sure, but the command has been entered into the history.

I read some plugins source code, but nothing really gave me any hint. They just work with virtually same code. But then I realized, they actually is executed after XMLHttpRequest().

So, the fix is

# map a :js my_bookmark_adder()<CR>
map a :js setTimeout(my_bookmark_adder, 0)<CR>

Or you can do it in the function.

I dont know when and what actually cause this and I dont really care. If you find out which commit causes this, feel free to tell me.

2Original post

If you use bookmarks to organize your to-read list, or you bookmark on certain website a lot. You might want to tag with readlater or remove some words from bookmark titles, such as websites name.

I updated my old LabelCloud widget and named the newer code "LabelX". Here is how it looks:

Please check out the project page. It converts an official Labels Gadget into a LabelCloud or a dropdown box. You can sort labels by label names or frequency, limit to top # frequent labels, reverse the order, or change font size range.

Any feedback is welcome!