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Back into Orbit is a fun shooter game in X Window, said a simple isometric shooter roguelike.

You shoot some black robots and green device which generates some kind of wave harming your health if you stay within the range. There is also different colors of cones that transport you to different locations. Some are really bad as you are ambushed.

Enemies and devices might drop coins, which might be used in a shop area. Never lived that long to try. The bigger robots shoot.

Back into Orbit was created on 2015-06-11, written in C with SDL2, GLEW, OpenGL 2.0+, and Assimp (Open Asset Import Library) under GPLv2, running on Linux and Windows, currently git-dc03083 (2016-01-21).

Sudoku is a game, generator, solver, and statistics calculator. It has command-line options and well-documented manual page, plus nice UI to play.

In game, you can save or load board, request a hint which might even give you which digit to try, it can also solve the board if you have given up.

Sudoku was released in 2005-07 by Michael Kennett into public domain, continued by Peter Spiess-Knafl on 2015-02-12, written in C with ncurses, running on Windows and Unix-like, currently git-61e3f39 (2015-03-13, post v1.0.4 (2015-02-28)).

PseudoBusy is not for you to slacking on job, but a noninvasive, nonintensive, screen saver.

It comes with a simple packager, so you can pack all scripts into one executable, it would be easier to move a single file.

This script actually reminds me of some scripts that help you to produce busy screens, such as compilation or whatever need to be filling up the entire screen with nonsense texts.

PseudoBusy was created by Brandon Dreager on 2015-06-03, written in Python 2 under the MIT License, currently git-efe324e (2015-12-24), for Linux, Mac OS C, and Windows.

boom (GitHub) is

A 2-player battle game made for Ludum Dare 28 (December 2013), for the theme you only get one.

The game goes like this, two players, each has many fake mine and one possibly real mine, but you never know if you get the real real mine until the detonation of the possibly real mine.

It can be played with keyboard or Xbox 360 controllers and it has sound.

You lay as many mines as you like, and hope your opponent will come close near the possibly real mine and you detonate the mines. If its real, you win. If its not, you can still play cool since your opponent has not yet deploy the real mine and still doesnt know that is a real deal. If your opponent detonates the real mine and doesnt blow you up, then you are the winner.

Its a fun game.

boom was created on 2013-12-13 by Joseph Lansdowne, written in Python 2/3 and C with Pygame under the GPLv3, currently git-a0fb8ac (2014-01-18).

I couldnt run vim-particle but the GIF from the project really is interesting.

It can only be run with GVim on Windows. Someone please at least ports it to Linux, and if possible, to Vim, although that could be very difficult. I wonder if you can do it within Vim, that is not drawing in X, but that would probably mess up the file being edited.

If you want to see another particle sparkling out and in terminal, try particle.cpp.

vim-particle was created by Yasuhiro Matsumoto, written in C and Vim script under the MIT License, currently git-37ecd82 (2015-12-01).

Fall Of Imiryn is the name of the RPG game and Annchienta is the game engine it uses. The game is written in Python and the engine is written in C++ with Python binding. It runs on Linux and Windows. The installation process is easy (I use Gentoo), you only need to follow the steps on the web pages. If you dont want to install the engine on your system, simply copy the shared library (src/ and Python binding module (modules/ to Fall Of Imiryns directory and run the game.

I knew this game via a post on Arch Linux forums, the poster has put it in AUR. Its not a long story game (rev903). I posted it because its written in Python. Here is some screenshots:

Story begins

Scene Transition

Heal and save point

In-game small game

Alright, you caught me cheating!

The story is quite short (if you cheat). I dont think this game is near completion because you can not have any real settings to set, such music/sounds on/off. But its definitely playable.

Since its written in Python, I believe its easier to work on if you want to join the development. The default screen size is 400x300, but you can double it or more if you edit the source. I am not a gamer, so I couldnt give any comparisons. I have to disable the music and sounds, I am not used to listen to all RPG games music. (for f in music/*.ogg ; do cp /path/to/blank.ogg $f ; done, if you wonder how I disable the music and sounds.)

Lastly, let me give you few memorable quotes (revealing by selecting):

Avril: What the fuck?! March: Avril, language.

Avril: Yeah right, you fucking monster! You cannot treat Laustwan like that. If this is the way of the Fifth Guard, then it you can stick it right up your March: Avril, language.

Avril: What the fuck are you talking about? March: Avril, language.