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cbeams is a, screensaver? It quotes tears in rain monologue of Roy Batty from Blade Runner (1982):

Ive seen things you people wouldnt believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tearsinrain. Time to die.

And this must be it:

I guess you can call this script reimagine a part of what Roy Batty has seen in his final monologue, in a fashion of terminal. Numerous explosions everywhere.

cbeams was created by Jonathan Hartley on 2015-10-04, written in Python 3 with Blessings under the New BSD License (3-clause), currently version 1.0.0rc3 (2016-01-07).

PseudoBusy is not for you to slacking on job, but a noninvasive, nonintensive, screen saver.

It comes with a simple packager, so you can pack all scripts into one executable, it would be easier to move a single file.

This script actually reminds me of some scripts that help you to produce busy screens, such as compilation or whatever need to be filling up the entire screen with nonsense texts.

PseudoBusy was created by Brandon Dreager on 2015-06-03, written in Python 2 under the MIT License, currently git-efe324e (2015-12-24), for Linux, Mac OS C, and Windows.

asciifire burns your terminal, but only 80x25 area. You can change color and/or update interval, or cycle through all five colors through the command-line options.

python -t 1 -d 200000

Itd be a nice screensaver if it can fill entire terminal size, but it doesnt, unfortunately. I attempted, but I failed, but now as I staring at the GIF above, I seem to see the pattern of how it was coded. I can see the fire is shifting to the left with slight changes to each column of fire.

asciifire was created by Matt Hersant on 2013-06-25, written in Python 2 with ncurses under the GPL (version unspecified), currently git-1740a49 (2015-12-11).

The idea came from a bye-bye-message Happy Valentines Day I left in this screencast1 while I played Kina Giannis Valentine with MPD. Few hours ago, I recalled I have written falling hearts script using JavaScript for webpages. Why not another one for terminal?

So, I started to write one, two hours later, I have a working code. A break later and an hour more, it gave me a BIG <3!

Here is a video.

I didnt draw that heart but downloaded an ASCII-art from some website (link is included in source code). I was thinking to have variable size based on terminal window size, but didnt want to kill too many my brain cells, so I just found one and rendered it in same size. I also thought about randomly rendering medium size of hearts, so it would look like more of a screensaver, and that is what I want this script to be. However, I did code for that after I added !

[1] is gone.

1   Download

You can download the Bash script, falling-< (New BSD License), on Google Code.

2   Configuration

Please open the source code and change variables. It should work out-of-the-box if your terminal supports 256 color mode; if not, comment out about line the mode.

3   Keys

  • L: Toggle the !
  • Q or Ctrl+C: Exit the script.

4   x1,000,000?

If you want to add more functions, go ahead! Send me a heartch! [patch]