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Sudoku is a game, generator, solver, and statistics calculator. It has command-line options and well-documented manual page, plus nice UI to play.

In game, you can save or load board, request a hint which might even give you which digit to try, it can also solve the board if you have given up.

Sudoku was released in 2005-07 by Michael Kennett into public domain, continued by Peter Spiess-Knafl on 2015-02-12, written in C with ncurses, running on Windows and Unix-like, currently git-61e3f39 (2015-03-13, post v1.0.4 (2015-02-28)).

nsudoku is a Sudoku game, of course. It doesnt have any fancy display, no menus, not much stuff, just the board and numbers plus a clear help message on the left side.

nsudoku was created by Tin Benjamin Matuka in 2008, written in C with ncurses, under the MIT License, currently version 1.3 (2015-06-23).