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Pymux is a terminal multiplexer and a clone of tmux, but with some improvements, such as autocompletion menu as you can see below.

Panes have titlebar, which shows process command name, window title, also information from like using copy-mode. Using fish-style command-line suggestions, it also has 24-bit color support.

Pymux was created by Jonathan Slenders in 2014, written in Python 2/3 with Pyte, docopt, prompt_toolkit, and wcwidth under the New BSD License (3-clause), currently git-9877c9e (2016-01-09, v0.5 (2016-01-05)), works on Mac OS X and Linux.

PseudoBusy is not for you to slacking on job, but a noninvasive, nonintensive, screen saver.

It comes with a simple packager, so you can pack all scripts into one executable, it would be easier to move a single file.

This script actually reminds me of some scripts that help you to produce busy screens, such as compilation or whatever need to be filling up the entire screen with nonsense texts.

PseudoBusy was created by Brandon Dreager on 2015-06-03, written in Python 2 under the MIT License, currently git-efe324e (2015-12-24), for Linux, Mac OS C, and Windows.