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dus is meant to have better output than GNU du -s, which simply summarized the current directorys size (recursively), and bar chart for visualization of sizes.

Watch this video for more usages

It has quite a few of options to use, watch this video for examples of some of them:

-0 Use null character (0) as target separator for stdin.
-c <count> Number of items to printout of result head.
--color Colorized output for easier interpretation.
-d Dont enter directory. Only used if a single directory is defined as target.
-h Print human readable sizes (e.g., 1K 234M 5G).
-i Inverted/reverted order of listed result.
-n Enable natural sort order if sort order is a string representation.
-s <...> Sort by property; size, name, atime, mtime, ctime.
-t <ms> File/directory parse timeout given in milliseconds.

You can also pipe in list of directories or files to dus, it reads from standard input as well and gives you the output you want.

dus was created by Rikard Johansson on 2015-10-16, written in C++14 under GPLv3, currently v0.0.6 (2015-12-18).

Cmas is a tiny Christmas tree with red and blue light bulbs blinking alternatively.

Dont want to buy a tree for Christmas, this would do. Maybe.

Cmas was created by Taylor Hoff, written in C++ under the GPLv3, currently git-08d594c (2015-05-31, post v1.0 (2015-05-26)).

Rescue Girlies is a fork of SuperTux by a father, R. Bassett Jr., in AugustDecember, 2013, he said:

I made RG as a Christmas gift for my children. Run, jump and think your way through the campaign to save your loved ones. Make new friends, eat some cupcakes, and squish many bad guys along the way!

Watch this video for more.

You must read the story that this father tells his daughters in the video with his own voice, really telling the story, this has to be one of the best Christmas gifts you can get when you are a kid.

Rescue Girlies was forked off SuperTux 0.3.3 (2010-08-06) by R. Bassett Jr., written in C++ with SDL under the GPLv3, currently git-bd68ac8 (2015-01-21)

Pipong is a simple clone of Pong game, the classic table tennis video game. It doesnt have much to offer, but it definitely is playable.

(thats a blinking cursor)

It needs a terminal size of 100x40 and two players, using ef and ok to move the paddles, but it feels more like left hand vs. right hand by the locations of the keys.

Pipong was created by Dong-jun Lim on 2015-09-18, written in C++ under the MIT License, currently git-c9a519b (2015-11-23).

Tower of Mediocrity is a tower defense game with ncurses and SDL backends.


You should play this music while reading, which is played in the game.

Click to watch whole the map played

You are in Mediocrity Central and the chatter says that some group is going to invade the Mediocrity Treasury, you job is to define while they crawling through the oddly built and hardly straight passageways through the city.

The following screenshot is of SDL backend, the bad guys are smiling devilishly, and the towers are bold-underline-strikeout icons for font styles as in word processors, WTF?

Fall Of Imiryn is the name of the RPG game and Annchienta is the game engine it uses. The game is written in Python and the engine is written in C++ with Python binding. It runs on Linux and Windows. The installation process is easy (I use Gentoo), you only need to follow the steps on the web pages. If you dont want to install the engine on your system, simply copy the shared library (src/ and Python binding module (modules/ to Fall Of Imiryns directory and run the game.

I knew this game via a post on Arch Linux forums, the poster has put it in AUR. Its not a long story game (rev903). I posted it because its written in Python. Here is some screenshots:

Story begins

Scene Transition

Heal and save point

In-game small game

Alright, you caught me cheating!

The story is quite short (if you cheat). I dont think this game is near completion because you can not have any real settings to set, such music/sounds on/off. But its definitely playable.

Since its written in Python, I believe its easier to work on if you want to join the development. The default screen size is 400x300, but you can double it or more if you edit the source. I am not a gamer, so I couldnt give any comparisons. I have to disable the music and sounds, I am not used to listen to all RPG games music. (for f in music/*.ogg ; do cp /path/to/blank.ogg $f ; done, if you wonder how I disable the music and sounds.)

Lastly, let me give you few memorable quotes (revealing by selecting):

Avril: What the fuck?! March: Avril, language.

Avril: Yeah right, you fucking monster! You cannot treat Laustwan like that. If this is the way of the Fifth Guard, then it you can stick it right up your March: Avril, language.

Avril: What the fuck are you talking about? March: Avril, language.