Every time a film has religion as part of elements, I can not write much about it since I don't know much.

The most interesting thing is not about this film, even it has good action scenes. When I read the cast list, Ashraf Barhorn (played Colonel Faris Al Ghazi) got my attention. The biography writes "He is Israeli, of Arabic heritage." Before this, I thought Israel is 100% Jewish citizens. I was wrong. "Arab citizens of Israel" explains 19.7% citizens of Israel are Arabs. I know there are Arabs live in Israel, but I never thought they have citizenship. Maybe they do not think they are citizens of Israel?

One more thing about this film I want to mention is what Ronald told to Janet and Abu Hamza told to his grandson:
Ronald Fleury: I told her we were gonna kill 'em all.
15-Year-Old Grandson: Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.
I believe that is to point out whoever you are, most of use are not saint. Only few people can convert angry into forgiveness and even help the enemies. Many cultures or religions teach their people not to use violence or to revenge by indignation, I wonder how many of use can follow when things happen on us?

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