Legend of the Seeker [IMDb, Wikipedia] is a TV series based on The Sword of Truth, a novel series.

I never watched a show about epic world, full of magical power, warriors, wizards, strange creatures, and others we have seen in movies. I wonder if this show has something from The Lord of the Rings in spirit of art or visual effects.

It's shot in New Zealand, a beautiful country. There are many stunning scenes in the show. Bullet Time is used many times. However, it's not so magical, most time I saw is the fire spell. I was expecting more than that. But fighting scenes are good.

Are all Confessors good at fighting? Anyway, when Kahlan confesses a person, the pupils become full black, then the whole eye. I believe that I saw X-Files' shadows. Wait, that's black floating stuff. That should be Supernatural's shadows.

It doesn't have much can make you LOL, but it's not boring at all. Maybe this is because it's new type of show for me.