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Showing posts with label arcade. Show all posts from PyGamii is a clone of Arkanoid or Breakout. PyGamii is an engine for ASCII games, which only has less LOC at this moment.

Although its named, I dont see any power-ups falling down. Since its just an example, I shouldnt expect much from it, it doesnt have a score.

The library is small, but it uses PyGame for audio, and that probably is the reason why PyGamii named PyGamii. Its not officially supports Python 2, but I found it has no problem to run with it, just its kind of glitch in display.

PyGamii was created by Carlos Maniero, written In Python 2/3 with readchar, termcolor, and optional Pygame for audio under the MIT License, currently git-2fe2332 (2015-12-15).

Terminal_Worm is yet another clone of Snake or Nibbles. The only thing different probably is the time-limited bugs, which adds significant bonus point, but you have to eat it before it disappears.

Video for longer playing

Its title screen is nice, a snake wiggling its tail. The screen is wrapped, that is you can go through edge and come out from the other side.

Terminal_Worm was created on 2013-02-10 by Martijn Pieters, written in Python 3 with ncurses under the GPLv3, currently git-81babbc (2015-12-16, post v1.0 (2014-07-19)).

Wanderer (GitHub) is a Boulder Dash (1984) like game, originally written in K&R C now C99 for UNIX and released on Usenet in 1988. Later, it was ported to different systems, MS-DOS, Atari, Amiga, BBC Micro, and SCO-Unix. Some even in graphics mode.


To clear a level (screen) is to collect all the diamonds, stay alive, then head out through the WAYOUT.

Unintentional Christmas Tree is a fun and small arcade action puzzle game. You just lay the same color blocks on top of each other.

It has two modes, easy and hard. In hard mode, you cant make any mistakes, e.g. red on green, or that would be game over. In easy mode, lets just say that you can break this tree really easily.

Unintentional Christmas Tree was created by Joseph Lansdowne on 2012-02-27, written in Python 2 with Pygame under New BSD License (3-clause), currently git-da562ee (2012-02-27).

The question is not red or green but left or right.

Pipong is a simple clone of Pong game, the classic table tennis video game. It doesnt have much to offer, but it definitely is playable.

(thats a blinking cursor)

It needs a terminal size of 100x40 and two players, using ef and ok to move the paddles, but it feels more like left hand vs. right hand by the locations of the keys.

Pipong was created by Dong-jun Lim on 2015-09-18, written in C++ under the MIT License, currently git-c9a519b (2015-11-23).

GNUSki is a SkiFree clone, which was made by Chris Pirih with Microsoft in 1991 for Windows and included in Best of Windows Entertainment Pack. Actually a clone of Ski for VAX/VMS, or at least, inspired by it, which in turn was inspired by Skiing (1920) for Atari 2600 console.

Click to ski longer

Using hjkl or arrow keys to play, the up and down keys are for changing speed. It only has one goal, ski as far down as you can, either to the left or to the right, just dont hit the rock.

The project is marked as inactive as of now on SourceForge, and eight years without any updates, the snow has melted, no more skiing.

GNUSki was created by Rudolf Olah on 2005-07-01 in C with ncurses under the GPLv2, currently version 0.3 (2007-05-31).

Dr. Mario or BUGS is a clone of Nentendos Dr. Mario, well sort of.

You fix bugs instead of eradicating deadly viruses. From red, yellow, and blue viruses to A, L, and S bugs, but you are still a Dr., just not a physician one.

The controls are hjkl to use in options to change level and speed, or in game for moving the piece around. as to rotate the piece. p to pause or resume the game.

This clone was made in 1991 by SRN, according to the comment, released under the name BUGS or BUGS I as version 1.3, then in 1992, Scott Noecker and Ken Corey released under Dr. Mario and for Linux.

Dr. Mario was born on 1991-07-10 and has been placed in public domain, is written in K&R C, currently hg-0541a33a647e (2015-11-14, post 1992-06-15).

ascii-invaders is a Space Invaders clone, the classic arcade and space shooter game, in animated ASCII art.

You control the laser cannon or gun ship, you fire at the aliens ships to destroy them using Space and Arrows or J/K to move about, chasing or evading coming weapon fires. 3 lives to waste if you aint good at this like; or 2 lives too more, because you are a nerd, one is enough.

Beside three minions of alien ships, there is a big red one mother ship? which seems to only appear in very end, which gives you 50, 100, or 150 points if you can destroy it.

I noticed this Bastard Tetris (bastet) when I re-synced Portage tree, its a ncurses-based game, a very special one. I am not a fan of Tetris games. No, I didnt spend hours and hours sitting in front of game console or ancient computer trying to make one more line after another.

At first, when I read Portage tree description: a simple, **evil*, ncurses-based Tetris(R) clone.* I had no intention to try it out even I was curious about the word evil in the description. I did put it into my to-try list, but its because of its ncurses-based. However, when I was checking out its website, this got my interest when I read its description:

Have you ever thought that Tetris is evil because it never sends you that straight I brick you need to clear four rows? Well, Tetris(R) probably is not so malevolent, but Bastet certainly is. >:-> Bastet stands for bastard tetris, and is a simple ncurses-based Tetris(R) clone for Linux. Instead of choosing the next block randomly, this fiendish program uses a special algorithm to give you the worst possible brick. Playing Bastet can be a very frustrating experience!

The last part woke up my inner cat. I got to try it! So I emerged it and this was from the first minute playing:

I started to understand why its evil A few moments later:

I am 100% sure, its not only evil and a bastard but also definitely comes from hell. I stopped to pile up the squares, then I got other types of brick, but in the end:

I only cleaned up one line. Believe me, I didnt try to end the game quick. It just didnt give me the bricks I want all the time.

What a !#$%^&* game!