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Rescue Girlies is a fork of SuperTux by a father, R. Bassett Jr., in AugustDecember, 2013, he said:

I made RG as a Christmas gift for my children. Run, jump and think your way through the campaign to save your loved ones. Make new friends, eat some cupcakes, and squish many bad guys along the way!

Watch this video for more.

You must read the story that this father tells his daughters in the video with his own voice, really telling the story, this has to be one of the best Christmas gifts you can get when you are a kid.

Rescue Girlies was forked off SuperTux 0.3.3 (2010-08-06) by R. Bassett Jr., written in C++ with SDL under the GPLv3, currently git-bd68ac8 (2015-01-21)

GNUjump is a clone of xjump aka. FALLING TOWER, it uses SDL and has a lot of more options, it also supports multiplayer.

GNUjump 1.0.8 with wincrash theme, watch in SDLjump theme

It has much more options, you can change game settings, such as FPS and trailing effect; video, such as using OpenGL and antialiasing; and sound volumes. Beside the must-have high scores, a replay feature, so you can watch other peoples playing.

The sound effect is hilarious, not your usual sounds, but someones vocals, watch the video and you will hear those.

Here are the four themes.

xjump is a jumping platform game, all you do is jump and jump and jump.

Default, Ion, and Jump n Bump

Its fairly easy to play and also easy to fall of edges, wasd, hjkl, or arrows to move or jump, also Space to jump and P to pause or resume.

There is a timer ticking, and slowly you will be forced to go up and only up, falling back down wont be a platform to catch you. It comes with three themes as you can see on the right.

Not really sure why its also named FALLING TOWER, because you will fall of the platforms of a tower?

Moon-Buggy is side-scrolling run-and-gun (or jump-and-gun?) platform game which you control a moon buggy trying to traverse the terrain of the moon. You dont drive, just jump and shoot.

Moon-Buggy in action, and also a video.

You will encounter craters, from tiny to big ones, the bigger crater you can jump over, the higher score you earn. It has 8 levels. The moon buggy is also equipped with laser beam, that you can destroy meteors if they block your buggy way, which they do, each requires 3 strikes of laser beams. Firing laser beam costs one point of score, but if you hit on a meteor, you earn more scores back.

It really is a fun game, especially you can share high scores among users, a little competition would be nice. By the way, you can jump-shooting, although I dont know what the purpose is, maybe hostile UFO?

The animations are stunning, details, details. The wheel spinning, the laser hitting the rock to disintegrate into nothing, and my favorite, crashing, parts broken and being thrown out into the air, curving down and hitting the ground, then rolling.

Moon-Buggy was created by Jochen Voss on 1998-12-17, written in C with ncurses under the GPLv3, currently git-e4b97c9 (2015-05-30, post v1.0.51 (2006-03-19)).