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Tower of Mediocrity is a tower defense game with ncurses and SDL backends.


You should play this music while reading, which is played in the game.

Click to watch whole the map played

You are in Mediocrity Central and the chatter says that some group is going to invade the Mediocrity Treasury, you job is to define while they crawling through the oddly built and hardly straight passageways through the city.

The following screenshot is of SDL backend, the bad guys are smiling devilishly, and the towers are bold-underline-strikeout icons for font styles as in word processors, WTF?

Zombies is a Robots-like game (video), with walls and without teleports.

The design and interface are clear, everything is shown on screen. You have to trick zombies to hit the walls and that will kill them, which isnt hard since they are mindless. Once every zombie paints the wall with their mindless brains, you clear the level and move on to have more zombies.

robots is almost three or four decades old, that probably is the reason this game is conceptually simple, but yet fun to play if you need to kill time.

Zombies was created by Simon Burge in 1994, written in C with ncurses under the Simplified BSD License (2-clause), currently hg-afc398a073d4 (2015-11-18, post v1.0 (1999-06-26)).

Who needs teleportation when you get brain-crashing walls.