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Few days ago, when I was in bed, cant remember whether I just lied down or woke up in middle of night. Either way, somehow 君が好きだと叫びたい (Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai) (1993) by BAAD (1992-1999), a Japanese rock band, SLAM DUNKing into my mind out of nowhere with a nostalgic smell just like going back 20 years in school gym.

Dont ask me what the song title or lyrics mean, I dont speak Japanese, but Wikipedia has the translation for it, I Want to Shout I Like You, and the video also has translations in it. Its the first opening theme song for Slam Dunk (1993-1995/1996).

It was two decades ago, where was I? Junior high? Anyway, there was quite some Japanese animes on our television channels, and Slam Dunk was one of them. I cant say I watched all but quite a lot. You know how Japanese animes go, the comical dramatic scene and the sudden seriously stern talking, both can go with shouting, just emphasizing in different aspects.

I wasnt good at any sports, in fact, pretty bad, but that didnt stop me watching this anime and I was not the only one. I dont know if this anime was popular in other places in the world, but it was quite big here at the time. If my memory is correct, some years later, when I was in dorm, some students still watched it.

Dont you feel somewhat strange, not just Japanese music or drama, it seems many shows either has English title or one or two lines in English in the lyrics, but virtually nothing else is in English. I wonder way.

Crazy for you~ I take you away~ I wanna cry for you~ [CUE THE CLOSE-UP]
If you read the English lines to someone in face altogether, that someone might call the cops.

Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser, released on 2010-08-02, that was nearly four years ago and I only first listened to this song 2014-04-22T14:09:31Z.

Almost three month late, after binned this entry, now I dug it out and dusted it off while enjoying it in the background as I writing this blog post. Here is the quote-unquote originally raw note (doing the air quotes):

 there is something in the water - 2014-04-22T14:09:31Z
    basetrade tv Starship Trooper Ultimate Edition
     - 2014-04-22T14:10:22Z
    no Protoss - 2014-04-22T14:10:27Z - 2014-04-22T15:25:45Z - 2014-04-22T15:28:25Z


In case you dont get the reference part, there are some casters love to use the term quote-unquote.

As I reading my original notesif you could honestly call it thatI was wondering the no Protoss, then I recalled Starship Troopers Ultimate Edition, a show match perhaps, was one aint allowed Protoss race to play. I believe its just for fun.

I recently also watched another, the players have to play opponents race, Kappa StarLeague (Match 9), happened to tune in for the last map, after 10 minutes of in-game time, finally realized Bomber and Crank were playing off-races. Didnt actually listen to the casting, but I felt strange when the names and situations didnt match.

Many songs I got to listen to and enjoy were from watching tournaments. Recently, I started to watch Counter Strike: Global Offensive streams. I used to think how on Earth they could cast games for FPS games like CS:GO, but it turned out, they could and I wasnt confused.

If you aint in water and in Oklahoma, from a YouTube channel I was subscribed to: Remember, theres always SOMETHING to DISCOVER IN OKLAHOMA!; and I hope you dont find that something is a big shark with scarily sharp teeth!

As for me, there is Something in the Bin.

2013 is coming to an end unless the world beats it first.

If you have some unfinished tasks have to be done before 2014, you only get a few days left and time is really running out and soon. Tick tock.

A song from a decade ago, Time Is Running OUt (2003) by Muse, and Im still not sure what message of this music video is trying to convey. Anti-war? According to Wikipedia:

It is partially based on Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

After read the page, it started to make a little sense, not in reality, but in that films plot. Still, I dont think the song has much to do with the film because of the timing of release. Its been more than a decade after Cold War and its the time when US and UK began involving new wars.

One thing its definitely right, time is running out for whatever the thing you care about.

Once again, another song played by GSL, like Roar or Wasting All These Tears, Any Other Way by We the Kings is as good as them.

I had listened to this song plenty of times in July since Any Other Way released in June. GSL had been playing probably at least once every broadcasting. However, it hasnt been played recently.

Performed by We the Kings, same story, never heard of them before. Nice band name, by the way. Pretty sure you would agree with me, the most memorable part of lyrics is

Gasoline pumping through my veins

Dancing on top of the flames

I will never go down any other way

Any other way

This part has painted a vivid and dramatic picture in my mind whenever I read it, which probably not the real story behind this song. I searched for backstory of this song, wanted to find out how the lyrics were written, but I couldnt find any.

Twist a bit, interpret differently, I can hear me singing this song to myself, well, the life. Life is a strange thing, and harsh in a way. Sometimes, you get nothing to do like living in paradise; but all of sudden, a ton load of things come altogether at once, suffocating you like horrible nightmares.

Would I Find You There?

Like Roar, I heard Wasting All These Tears (2013) during interim in (WCS) GSL, which seems to play songs that fit to my tastes. The singer, Cassadee Pope, is the winner of The Voice, a reality singing competition show. Reality and competition are two worst words can be in a television show in my opinion, but people love the combination , so Ive never watched that kind of show and never heard of her before.

Its a song I like, but this post is going to have a detour. There is a fan clips video on her YouTube account, go watch it and see if you have same thought as I while watching it.

One keyword: V.V.S.

I first heard Roar (live) from Coup De Grace (2010) during interim in GSL. Never heard of any songs of Treat before, a Swedish melodic heavy metal band in 80s.

I tried to find out if this song Roar is a new song or not, it seems to be only released from Coup De Grace album in 2010. I guess its written after their reunion of 2006.

Anyway, its time to pump up the volume.

Ready to roar, ready or not (ready to rock)! Ready to give it all Ive got!

I want to share some music videos I have been listening to for a while or other old ones with you. But some may not make sense because I dont know German and I havent tried to read the translation, I just feel the song is cheerful one, so I count it as encouraging song.

1   F**kin Perfect by P!nk


This music video contains explicit materials.

The most recent one I listen to. I only watched the video (images) for once or twice, then I just listened to the song. Watching that is too much for me. If you havent watch it and you just start, you would disagree that this is an encouraging song, but you will see. There is a sweet twist.

2   Wir leben den Moment by Christina Stürmer

I think she is my favorite German music singer and this one is my favorite song. Her music often help your heart pump faster.

3   Firework by Katy Perry

I like this song, but maybe its more about the stories in this music video.

4   Sag Es Wie Es Ist by Luxuslärm

I dont really know about whats being played in this music video but its really fun to watch. The guy tries to impress his date (I think) by showing off his knowledge of wine, then the girl couldnt stand anymore, so she tells him just be himself, the old one. And the kissing scene is so hilarious, when you see the other girls expression.

5   Its My Life by Bon Jovi

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump off the bridge! You can make it!

6   Spinner by Revolverheld

I think this music video is about the story about a group of different kinds of people living in a same building. Their life interlaces and something blah blah blah happens.