Like Roar, I heard Wasting All These Tears (2013) during interim in (WCS) GSL, which seems to play songs that fit to my tastes. The singer, Cassadee Pope, is the winner of The Voice, a reality singing competition show. Reality and competition are two worst words can be in a television show in my opinion, but people love the combination , so Ive never watched that kind of show and never heard of her before.

Its a song I like, but this post is going to have a detour. There is a fan clips video on her YouTube account, go watch it and see if you have same thought as I while watching it.

One keyword: V.V.S.

What I noticed was there are 8 clips were shot in vertical mode, out of total 14 clips. Yes, I watched twice, just to count how many were. For some unknown and bizarre reason, the difference between vertical clips and horizontal clips caught my eyes instead of those fans were saying.

It reminded me of Vertical Video Syndrome, a PSA video from little more than a year ago, as the syndrome was finally being identified. If YouTube showed 4 vertical videos at once, 8 / 4 = 2, time and bandwidth saved! Frankly, I dont care how people shoot their videos, H or V is fine with me.

Back to the song, this is kind of sad:

I try to find you at the bottom of the bottle
Lying down on the bathroom floor

At least its not lying down in a dark street at middle of night like a dead corpse, and smell like someone just peed on themselves. Bathroom floor is much better, you can crawl into shower stall and turn on the water to clean up yourself without much effort required, not like I have ever experienced of that. Really, I swear on my dogs life.

My favorite lyrics:

Cause you didnt give a damn about me.

Dont know many songs use explicit words, not like it is rare, just that kind of songs usually get no attentions from me.

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