I want to share some music videos I have been listening to for a while or other old ones with you. But some may not make sense because I don't know German and I haven't tried to read the translation, I just feel the song is cheerful one, so I count it as encouraging song.

F**kin' Perfect by P!nk

This music video contains explicit materials.

The most recent one I listen to. I only watched the video (images) for once or twice, then I just listened to the song. Watching that is too much for me. If you haven't watch it and you just start, you would disagree that this is an encouraging song, but you will see. There is a sweet twist.

Wir leben den Moment by Christina Stürmer

I think she is my favorite German music singer and this one is my favorite song. Her music often help your heart pump faster.

Firework by Katy Perry

I like this song, but maybe it's more about the stories in this music video.

Sag Es Wie Es Ist by Luxuslärm

I don't really know about what's being played in this music video but it's really fun to watch. The guy tries to impress his date (I think) by showing off his knowledge of wine, then the girl couldn't stand anymore, so she tells him just be himself, the old one. And the kissing scene is so hilarious, when you see the other girl's expression.

It's My Life by Bon Jovi

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump off the bridge! You can make it!

Spinner by Revolverheld

I think this music video is about the story about a group of different kinds of people living in a same building. Their life interlaces and something blah blah blah happens.