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Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser, released on 2010-08-02, that was nearly four years ago and I only first listened to this song 2014-04-22T14:09:31Z.

Almost three month late, after binned this entry, now I dug it out and dusted it off while enjoying it in the background as I writing this blog post. Here is the quote-unquote originally raw note (doing the air quotes):

 there is something in the water - 2014-04-22T14:09:31Z
    basetrade tv Starship Trooper Ultimate Edition
     - 2014-04-22T14:10:22Z
    no Protoss - 2014-04-22T14:10:27Z - 2014-04-22T15:25:45Z - 2014-04-22T15:28:25Z


In case you dont get the reference part, there are some casters love to use the term quote-unquote.

As I reading my original notesif you could honestly call it thatI was wondering the no Protoss, then I recalled Starship Troopers Ultimate Edition, a show match perhaps, was one aint allowed Protoss race to play. I believe its just for fun.

I recently also watched another, the players have to play opponents race, Kappa StarLeague (Match 9), happened to tune in for the last map, after 10 minutes of in-game time, finally realized Bomber and Crank were playing off-races. Didnt actually listen to the casting, but I felt strange when the names and situations didnt match.

Many songs I got to listen to and enjoy were from watching tournaments. Recently, I started to watch Counter Strike: Global Offensive streams. I used to think how on Earth they could cast games for FPS games like CS:GO, but it turned out, they could and I wasnt confused.

If you aint in water and in Oklahoma, from a YouTube channel I was subscribed to: Remember, theres always SOMETHING to DISCOVER IN OKLAHOMA!; and I hope you dont find that something is a big shark with scarily sharp teeth!

As for me, there is Something in the Bin.

Ever since I started watching Americas Heartland, the theme song is so familiar every time the new episode starts. The shows website has a page about the singer Michael Martin Murphey and a clip of the theme song, you can also watch it (different version) on Vimeo.

Watch on Vimeo

The complete song presents a broader perspective than the short and modified version in the opening theme:

You can see it in the eyes of every woman and man
In Americas Heartland living close to the land
Theres a love for the country
And a pride in the brand
In Americas Heartland living close to the land

Its about the people who are working hard on the land, both men and women. I also like this part:

Theres something that the people know
Who make things live and make things grow
Deeper than the words of any sage
That unless youve touched this earth,
Planted seeds, or given birth
The human heart can never come of age.

Its basically saying about the connection to the land. We all live on a land, one way or another, unless you are a astronauts who station on the ISS. Whoever you are, farmer or the President, you have to live on a land. But there is difference, farmer knows how the earth breathes, they have connection to the land.

These days, we have lost the touch, living on a land we have known nothing about for entire life. You dont need to be a farmer or someone growing own food, you only need to touch the earth to have the bond.

Its not about losing in modern life, but the heart.

Like Roar, I heard Wasting All These Tears (2013) during interim in (WCS) GSL, which seems to play songs that fit to my tastes. The singer, Cassadee Pope, is the winner of The Voice, a reality singing competition show. Reality and competition are two worst words can be in a television show in my opinion, but people love the combination , so Ive never watched that kind of show and never heard of her before.

Its a song I like, but this post is going to have a detour. There is a fan clips video on her YouTube account, go watch it and see if you have same thought as I while watching it.

One keyword: V.V.S.