A cover song of Nine Inch Nails song (1995), released in 2002, just before Johnny Cash passed away in 2003.


I sometimes heard this song from commercials, I couldnt remember what the ads were, but you could guess they were not something happy products.


Spoilers may follow.

Last week, Detective Carter was killed by Simmons in Person of Interest. When she and Reese got ambushed, I believed most of viewer would guess, Simmons was a dead man. Two guns against one, but both got shut and injured deadly. One dead, one basically needed to stay in ICU. I dont think any of us would think Carter had to check out of the show. To be honest, I really thought Fusco was the one, when he was still tied in chair after his kid was rescued.

This week, this song was being played as Reese and Shaw sought for revenge. Its really sad. The whole episode flashed back the main characters pasts, how they got to here today, what they had become. Just like in the lyrics.

They found Simmons, of course, or Fusco found him, I should say. He didnt kill Simmons, arrested and sent him to hospital bed, in order to honor what Carter really wanted. In the end, Elias finished the job, another surprise.

Im pretty sure this cover is more popular than original, which I just listened, and no doubt the I like Cashs cover, which gave a completely different interpretation.

The flashback scene of Finch somewhat resonated with the song, Finch blamed himself for Ingrams death, questioned his decision, wondered what he could do different if time could go back. If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself, I would find a way.

UID == 01 was back in action. I wonder what will come next, who is next bad guy, and what is the machine up to exactly? Still more than half of a season to come, the CIA again?