Once again, another song played by GSL, like Roar or Wasting All These Tears, Any Other Way by We the Kings is as good as them.


I had listened to this song plenty of times in July since Any Other Way released in June. GSL had been playing probably at least once every broadcasting. However, it hasnt been played recently.

Performed by We the Kings, same story, never heard of them before. Nice band name, by the way. Pretty sure you would agree with me, the most memorable part of lyrics is

Gasoline pumping through my veins

Dancing on top of the flames

I will never go down any other way

Any other way

This part has painted a vivid and dramatic picture in my mind whenever I read it, which probably not the real story behind this song. I searched for backstory of this song, wanted to find out how the lyrics were written, but I couldnt find any.

Twist a bit, interpret differently, I can hear me singing this song to myself, well, the life. Life is a strange thing, and harsh in a way. Sometimes, you get nothing to do like living in paradise; but all of sudden, a ton load of things come altogether at once, suffocating you like horrible nightmares.

Would I Find You There?