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flycombat is part of Pygamii examples. You are an airplane and you shoot down enemys planes.

This is a simple game as an example for the gaming development library. You get a score on top and life as well. Several different enemty planes, so its not too bad as an example for just 287 LOC.

Pygamii was created by Carlos Maniero, written in Python 3 with readchar, termcolor, and optional Pygame for sound, under the MIT License, currently version (2015-12-23).

ascii-invaders is a Space Invaders clone, the classic arcade and space shooter game, in animated ASCII art.

You control the laser cannon or gun ship, you fire at the aliens ships to destroy them using Space and Arrows or J/K to move about, chasing or evading coming weapon fires. 3 lives to waste if you aint good at this like; or 2 lives too more, because you are a nerd, one is enough.

Beside three minions of alien ships, there is a big red one mother ship? which seems to only appear in very end, which gives you 50, 100, or 150 points if you can destroy it.