Wanderer (GitHub) is a Boulder Dash (1984) like game, originally written in K&R C now C99 for UNIX and released on Usenet comp.source.games in 1988. Later, it was ported to different systems, MS-DOS, Atari, Amiga, BBC Micro, and SCO-Unix. Some even in graphics mode.



To clear a level (screen) is to collect all the diamonds, stay alive, then head out through the WAYOUT.

You can switch the modes between the character-mode and an ASCII-art mode using # as seen below.



The help screen, ?, is very thorough, you can learn every bit about how to play this game and there is also a wanderer(6) manual page.


Help screen

Wanderer was created by Stenen Shipway in 1988, currently git-c6c57ea (2015-12-10, post v3.2 (2002-12-24)) written in C99 with ncurses under the GPLv3.